10 Habits of Healthy People

Although health is often associated with an individual’s physical state, it encompasses so much more.  True health is the trifecta of a tended-to mind, body and spirit.


Although health is often associated with an individual’s physical state, it encompasses so much more. True health is the trifecta of a tended-to mind, body and spirit. Everybody has hits and misses when it comes to healthy daily behaviors, but there are a few tried-and-true habits consistently demonstrated by the healthiest of humans.

Everything in Moderation: Between fad diets, fitness trends and an ever-changing landscape of health recommendations, it’s hard to navigate to what is really best. But I think it’s safe to say that those most successful in achieving optimal health display good habits but with the options of exceptions. Nothing is set in stone, but to allow enjoyment and opportunity in every facet of life really opens up a world of a more relaxed mindset. So practice everything in moderation without the guilt of a cupcake or a day without exercise.

Have Fun With Fitness: They say variety is the spice of life, so why not apply that to your fitness regimen, as well. Whether your preference is running, cycling or CrossFit, it’s always good to branch out and try something new and exhilarating. Give rock climbing a go. Try a pole-dancing class. Or bust out some serious sweat in a hot yoga session. When you’re in a rut, introduce something enjoyable and exciting to your routine.

Corral Chaos: It’s hard to have peace of mind when you’re surrounded by chaos. Keeping your home and world life organized and on point is paramount to maintaining your ability to enjoy anything else. Allow your mind to focus on whatever is at hand at the moment. Don’t get bogged down by an endless to-do list; keep your days accomplished and mindful.

Eat for Fuel and Joy: Making sound nutritional choices is an obvious key to health success. But equally as important is your willingness to break from your healthy habits to have a day of debauchery. Don’t be afraid to enjoy a glass of wine or indulge in a decadent dessert. The social and emotional benefits of eating for enjoyment will contribute to your state of goodness.

Prioritize Passions: Being busy is fantastic. Working hard is wonderful. But if your daily grind isn’t your greatest passion, it’s important to step away and give some time to the things close to your heart. Maybe family and kids, or reading and writing. Whatever you dig, you’ve gotta go for it and keep it a high priority.

Go After Goals: Goal setting is a means of keeping people motivated. Continuous personal progress comes in many forms, but goals give the mind what it needs to stay focused on that next step, whatever it may be. Explore your limits personally and professionally to keep your development at the forefront, and take full advantage of your years.

Get Wasted on Water: A little H2O does a body good. Your skin, your hair, your brain and your bodily hydration depend on your intake of water. So put down the soda, avoid all-day coffee binging and enjoy a big glass of the glorious fountain of youth — water.

Enjoy Here and Now: Technology is a constant distraction. Our society has become more consumed by taking selfies and posting pictures than actually opening their eyes to take it all in. Setting aside the mass of technological obsessions is difficult, but it allows people to mentally refresh, which contributes to improved productivity. So enjoy now!

Express Appreciation: Being thankful is a healthy spiritual habit. The ability to appreciate the things you have, regardless of any existing strife, maintains a peaceful mind and alleviates the tendency to always want that which you do not have. And openly expressing appreciation can lend itself well to building better relationships with those around you.

Respect the Need to Relax: Relaxation is like a reset button. People are constantly on the go and thinking about the next thing. So a departure from the whirlwind that is normal life gives us a glance at things from a distant perspective. Seeing the bigger picture is basically the beginning of a fresh start to your life list.

Always remember that health isn’t just in the muscles you’re made of or the WOD you win. Health is a positive culmination of all that is you. Caring for your body is just one piece of the puzzle in achieving not only health but also happiness. So remember that caring for your brain, body and soul are what make you a success in practicing healthy habits!

Abi Reiland
Co-Owner/Trainer, CrossFit 8035
Director, The MAT Games