A Few of My Favorite Things

Some weeks I don’t have the initiative to make all my meals ahead of time. I would love to get up, train and still have time to knock out a full Paleo-friendly breakfast to start off my day.


Some weeks I don’t have the initiative to make all my meals ahead of time. I would love to get up, train and still have time to knock out a full Paleo-friendly breakfast to start off my day. I’d love to be prepared and organized enough to always plan out and make the best nutritional choices. But that’s not reality.

Besides sharing my stories each week for The Box, I am also a husband, a parent of two, a full-time teacher and a coach of multiple teams and sports. Not to mention my own ongoing grind four to five days a week at my local box, trying to get in shape and get ready for the 2014 CrossFit Open.

Sometimes you have to pick your battles, and there are a few things I like to have as part of my nutritional regiment to help out when I don’t take the time to think ahead for meals and snacks.

These are some of my favorite things.

Protein Pancakes

“I don’t always eat pancakes, but when I do, I want a bunch of extra protein in them.” I got a sample of FlapJacked Pancakes some time ago, but never really had the chance to make them until I was on winter break. For starters, these are NOT Paleo but will still have more to offer you healthwise than a short stack at your local diner. I’ve made Paleo coconut or almond flour pancakes in the past and they have been less than satisfactory. These FlapJacked Pancakes had good flavor (I’d recommend the banana hazelnut) and they contain between 15 and 17 grams of protein per pouch. I’m sure you could make more Paleo-specific pancakes and add protein powder, but these are already mixed and taste good. There are recipes on their site for different ways to use the mixes, and the sample even came with a little bottle of Vermont maple syrup. You can check them out at

Snacks On the Go

When I was working for CrossFit Media for three days at the Regionals last spring, two things were at a premium: a place to sit and snacks. The people around me kept the media tent well-stocked with a variety of snacks because we didn’t have much time to run out and eat or get things for ourselves. One of the best and most memorable things I grabbed one afternoon was an RxBar. That weekend I was able to try both the blueberry and apple cinnamon. These bad boys have a good deal of protein, and they sell a variety pack so that you can try each of the four kinds before committing to a box of 12. I would definitely try the variety pack to start off but Coconut Cacao is my favorite for sure. These are Paleo- and Whole90-approved, as well. I would grab one for breakfast in a pinch or eat one during lunch or as an afternoon snack. They are available at

Morning Protein Shake

Most mornings I either don’t have time to make the pancakes or eggs and bacon or even remember to grab a bar. A majority of the time I’m fine with a post-WOD shake to get me through the morning with my coffee until I grab some fruit at around 10 am or so. I have tried a lot of different whey proteins and protein shakes in my time at CrossFit. I like to mix a scoop with some unsweetened almond milk and head out the door.

I’m not an expert or a spokesperson for these products or companies. I’m not sure if the ways that I’m using them are optimizing my training or helping me to streamline my nutritional efficiency or anything like that. I know that like many of you, I try to do the best I can with the resources and knowledge I’ve gained along the way. If I think these are solid products and they also taste pretty dang good as well, then all the better to share with my fellow grinders.

So what are some of your favorite snacks, supplements or treats? Share them with me in the comments on Facebook or email me at

Stay on the grind.

— Jamie Toland (JTol)