I’m Not Honest About What I Eat

Our grinder confesses that the image of a clean eater that he attempts to portray to himself and others is not always what’s really going on.


This is a hard thing to confess but … my diet is terrible.

Every week, I have a plan to get back on track. I’ve written articles about meal prep and on making plans for the week of what to eat, and all that is true. But I’ve been struggling in two areas since about October 2015: What I actually end up eating in the evenings and my “Saturday only” cheat meals is spilling over to Friday and Sunday.

During the weekdays, I’m able to control what I eat. I pack my pre-made meals, avoid bad foods in the lounge and don’t have snacks available in my desk. So outwardly, it looks like I mostly eat eggs for breakfast and meats and veggies for lunch, which I do. However, on most evenings (usually Thursday through Sunday night), it unravels. It starts with the occasional snack after work here or there, grabbing a cookie or piece of candy after dinner or going to lunch on Thursdays with co-workers and tossing in a bag of chips. Little things add up throughout my week, which (more often than not) lead to a total dietary meltdown by Friday afternoon.

Last year, around this time, my wife and I went “all in” on what is known as the Slow-Carb Diet or the six on, one off way of eating. Essentially, you eat very strictly Sunday through Friday night (no sugar, grains or processed foods), then Saturday you can eat however you want. When we did this, it was very successful. Last fall, I weighed 185 pounds or so, which is close to where I would consider my 6-foot frame to be lean and to be at a good bodyweight for training. Since October and the subsequent dietary train wreck that was the holiday season, my eating schedule has devolved, and last week, I exceeded the 205-pound mark. Typing that was not easy. Telling everyone what I actually weigh as opposed to what I pretend to weigh is tough to admit, but it is affecting everything from the way my clothes fit to struggles with cardio and gymnastics movements in my training.

The point of all this is that I’d guess that there are some of you out there reading this who can relate. I can’t be the only one who tells themselves that they are “eating healthy” but aren’t being honest with themselves or other people in their lives. I am a sugar addict. That’s not an excuse, but I don’t always take control of my addiction and I let it get the best of me. Because of this, I end up grabbing foods I shouldn’t be eating and having them even though I know that I shouldn’t.

So I guess what I’m saying is that this week, I really am going to do my best to get it together. In order to hold myself more accountable, I’ll give monthly updates on my progress, good or bad, success or failure. Right now, I’m about 20 to 25 pounds heavier than I should be, and my body mass index is not conducive to where I need to be to train properly for CrossFit. I understand that the number on the scale ultimately doesn’t matter or define me, but the way I’m eating and the manner I’m going about doing it is leading me down a path of long-term health issues. No matter how much I train, I’ll never get proper results with the foods I’m putting into my body.

What are some of your stories about struggles with weight and balancing a better diet with your busy lives? Share your struggles and successes in the comments.

Stay on the grind.