Lady Lump Love: Top 6 Sports Bras for CrossFit Women

Large or small, it’s important to support those lovely lady lumps. CrossFit requires mobility, constant variation and very high intensity, so the standard support just doesn’t cut it.


Large or small, it’s important to support those lovely lady lumps. CrossFit requires mobility, constant variation and very high intensity, so the standard support just doesn’t cut it. If a sports bra is too loose, boobies end up bouncing around like hyperactive bunnies. If a sports bra is too tight, an underarm can be rubbed raw. It must be breathable but compression quality. It must endure barbells and rig rubbing on the regular but offer flexibility for any kind of fitness. And if a sports bra doesn’t fit quite right, it really can cause an athlete to be distracted. So based on my experiences, and for your purchasing pleasure, I offer my personal top six picks for CrossFit sports bras.

6. Champion

If you’re going for a comfortable and cost-effective option, pick up some Champion bras. Your local Target should have a pretty solid supply in tons of fun colors and a few really great styles to accommodate your needs. Considering the cost, these bras are fairly high-quality and can handle regular solid sweats.

5. Under Armour

When you shop Under Armour, you’ll have an endless selection of styles and fits. For fuller coverage and more control, they offer a surprisingly pretty bra-size-specific zip-up option. A medium-support option is made with pure compression material with a nice snug bottom band. And for those who can get away with less, their simple and sleek options provide moisture-wick blends and badass designs. Under Armour offers a bra for everyone.

4. Fabletics

These bras were a recent discovery for me, but I’ve quickly collected several and have yet to be disappointed. Regardless of the style you wanna rock, most of its sports bras have really cool straps for something more interesting than a racerback. In addition, Fabletics’ fabric picks are unique and it incorporates cool things like piping and a subtle V-neck line. These reasonably priced sports bras really pop.

3. Aerie

This is a weird one, but I swear by it. Aerie, an American Eagle brand, has cost-conscious and really beautiful bras. The seams are nonexistent, the inside support is perfectly pieced together and the straps are supportive without being restrictive. I found a few of these beauties at T.J. Maxx and fell in love with the look and feel.

2. MPG

My MPG addiction began with its tights but quickly transitioned to its sports bras. Strappy supports and a faux-layered look bring a very unique aesthetic to the table. The price point is a bit higher, but the quality is fabulous and these bras are designed for babes who do more. Stripes, solids and even a little padding if you prefer, there are endless options with MPG.

1. Lululemon Athletica

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a lululemon whore. But here’s the thing … I work out, I coach and I have an insane schedule. So on most days, I need something not only supportive but also stylish so I can transition from one task to another without worrying about bra lines or boob sweat. Lululemon bras come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, all tested with various athletic activities. This brand is pricey, but the bras will give you everything you need and last a lifetime.

Your tatas deserve to be treated well. So embrace them with something that can offer care through a chest-grazing snatch and a few rough rounds of “Fran.” You tend to your body with workouts, so why would you neglect one of your more feminine features. Don’t be silly. Give your lady lumps some love.

***I receive no payment or incentives from the brands noted above.

Abi Reiland
Co-Owner/Trainer, CrossFit 8035