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Whole Life Challenge: Week 1

Mid-WOD Meditation?

Week #1 is in the books. And no one suffered physical or emotional trauma.


So how did this intermediate CrossFitter with an advanced cheese habitdo?

Lifestyle (Meditation)

I’m not sure why it’s so hard for me to make time for this, considering it’s just 10 minutes. More than once during the week, I shot up from my chair with the sudden, jarring thought: “Oh, crap! Meditation!” Probably not this particular challenge’s intended use.

I typically used the guided meditation setting, which I highly recommend for anyone with perpetual “monkey mind.” And at the risk of sounding like a weirdo, I found myself thinking about channeling Calm’s meditation narrator during some of my WODs this week.

One particularly heavy workout ended with five rounds of one-minute max-rep burpees/one-minute max reps of Russian kettlebell swings (my substitution for double-unders)/one minute of rest. Normally, I’d use the rest minute to stretch my calves on the rig or chat with my neighbor. Instead, I consciously fixed my gaze on a single spot on the wall and breathed mindfully. Instead of checking the clock multiple times (all the while thinking “countdown to suck”), I waited for the audio cue and tried to keep my thoughts about burpees neutral. A burpee is neither good nor bad. It’s just a burpee. (I’m not sure how long I would have sustained this attitude had we been doing 10 rounds.) My breathing did seem to even out more quickly and, overall, I felt better about going into each round of work.


I did surprisingly well in this category, despite the fact that January 20 was National Cheese Lover’s Day (Murphy’s law) and Nabisco decided this was the perfect time to launch its new red velvet–flavored Oreos (cruel). Honestly, I’m not even a huge red-velvet or Oreo fan, but those damn cookies popped up in every one of my news and social media feeds, and the combination of effective marketing and sugar withdrawal made me want one. Or seven.


I realized how often I punctuate the end of a meal with a cookie or a handful of chocolate chips. And not being able to do so made me cranky at various points throughout the week. I ate a lot more fruit than usual and treated myself to a Larabar to help ease the pain.


CrossFit, yoga and the occasional Spin class are already a part of my routine, but I have to pay more attention to my unscheduled days because I run the danger of sitting in front of the computer all day without getting my heart rate up. Luckily, I live in a walking city and can literally “run errands.” This coming week’s weather on the East Coast is all doom and gloom, so I plan to do some living-room EMOMs. Stay tuned!


There was one busy day when I failed to get this in. Otherwise, I’ve been good about stretching, foam rolling and doing my plantar fasciitis exercises.


Though random and somewhat uninformed, the supplement portion of this challenge has been a breeze. I take a multivitamin, zinc (for immune support) and fish oil (because I hear that’s good for your heart?). Something tells me I should be approaching this component more mindfully.


A+. I regularly refill my water bottle and sip herbal tea all day.

Coming up next week:

  • Cheat points! Finally! How will I spend them?
  • Gratitude challenge. Will this help shape my perspective, or will I just settle for three things that come to mind each night at 11:30 p.m.
  • Changes and results? Do my increased energy levels have me cartwheeling down Fifth Avenue? Do I have a six-pack yet?

Are you doing the Whole Life Challenge? How’s it going? Any advice for staying on track? Have you ever tried mid-WOD meditation?