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Whole Life Challenge – Week 2

Cheat Points: Are They Worth the Cost?

Since starting the Whole Life Challenge two weeks ago, I’d been obsessed with receiving my first set of indulgence tokens to the point that I’d mapped out the when, where and what of their consumption:


1. Saturday night. Local Mexican restaurant. Chicken quesadilla.

2. Monday night. On couch, in pajamas. Frosted vanilla cupcake from local Italian bakery.

After a week of abstaining from all sugar and cheese, it was going to be GLORIOUS.

But then it wasn’t. Here’s what happened.

The chicken quesadilla arrived piping hot from the kitchen. I smeared it with guacamole and started in. It was good — cheesy, just the right amount of spice. I was happy … for 20 minutes. That’s approximately when the tiny lead balloon in my gut began to expand.

It was a manageable, not entirely unfamiliar feeling of discomfort; I often leave a restaurant with that full, “roll me up the hill” feeling. But I realized that I’d been feeling really good stomachwise for the past week. I’d had enough energy during WODs, and I hadn’t been “paying” for my food choices.

So this pain was remarkably distinct and noticeable. Was it the flour tortilla? My beloved cheese? Who knows, but I can honestly say that the quesadilla’s effects on my belly were NOT worth their weight in flavor.

Undeterred, I moved on to indulgence No. 2: the cupcake.

Not about to waste a point on grocery store pastries, I sourced my treat from a well-respected neighborhood bakery. At home, after a couple of bites, I put the cupcake down. It simply wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t worth the indulgence token, and it definitely wasn’t worth a potential stomachache.

Then there were my, um, unplanned cheats: two glasses of wine with dinner on Thursday. I was catching up with a friend over dinner and had a moment of weakness. And then another one. I accepted the fact that I was going to lose two points, but I didn’t realize that I would lose nearly an ENTIRE NIGHT’S SLEEP.

I dozed off just fine, but woke up only three hours later with no hope of going back to bed. I changed my WOD to an earlier time, thinking things would only get worse the later it got. I made it through the workout but felt (and probably looked) a little like this:

And even though I had enough time to work on my goats (kipping toes-to-bar, pull-ups), I was too exhausted to get a grip — literally. 

Cheats=NOT worth it. At least these ones weren’t. And I think that’s even more apparent because I’m scoring myself and writing about my experience. But how many consumption-related ailments do I normally just accept as part of daily life? 

Lifestyle (Gratitude)

Not gonna lie — this one was lame, and I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. The general theme on my team’s communication feed this week was, “I can’t wait until this challenge is over.” Yes, expressing gratitude is good for the soul and humanity, but there’s got to be a better way to do this. Toward the end of the week, I was just listing things in my sight line — “I’m grateful for … tea, blankets, raisins.” 


I’ve started doing more apartment/travel WODs on days when I work all day from home and don’t make it to the box. I love the Pocket WOD app, which has a Tabata timer and AMRAP counter. 


Yes, yes and yes. I finally purchased my very own set of lacrosse balls so I can roll out my feet a couple of times a day. 

Coming up next week: Whole Life Challenge vs. Super Bowl Spread. Spoiler alert: I lose.