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My Top 10 CrossFit Crushes

Swooning over the athletes in the sport of fitness.


Here’s the deal. There are plenty of hot-bodied, awe-inspiring, fabulously fit people on the CrossFit scene. It’s hard to pick a favorite. But today, I will do just that. I’ve been known to crush on both men and women, so you’ll find this list to include my top 10 co-ed roster.

These are athletes who I personally find wildly attractive, and folks who shine a bright and kickass light on the sport of fitness. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I know any of them on a personal level, but I’ve had the time to study their rear ends and their Fran performances. I know how many notches their abdominals tout, and what kind of food they most enjoy. So before I get any creepier, lets dive into my top 10 CrossFit crushes.

10. Andrea Ager is one of those women you can’t help but envy. At 5’9”, she’s a tall and lean CrossFit machine. Her abs have their very own celebrity status, her track-trained legs are dynamite, and she has a natural beauty that simply can’t be faked. Photos from event participation are widespread because people just wanna see her…and probably be on her. She’s hot. It can’t be denied. Sister’s got something that just makes heads turn and hearts throb.

9. Rich Froning is the King of CrossFit. He has earned a spot on my list with his never-ending impressive performances, his laid-back demeanor and his abs. Because you can’t ignore his abs. He can move a mountain, chop down a tree, and run like the wind. Rich is a true dude. I enjoy daydreams of Rich spotting my back squat and pouring me protein shakes. But the coolest part about this manly man: his humble nature. So hear, hear for our CrossFit hero.

8. Libby DiBiase is a beautiful pint-sized powerhouse. She rocks bleach-blond hair and a tight and toned physique. Reebok loves her, and why wouldn’t they? She’s stunning in person and photographs like an angel (a shredded, badass angel). And her bum is glorious. I think in another life we may have been soul mates—she digs gymnastics, she’s a Midwestern girl, and her favorite actress is Angelina Jolie. I think if I stumbled into a room with Libby DiBiase and Angelina Jolie my heart would stop due to overwhelming amounts of hotness. Too much.

7. Jeremy Mhire is classically tall, dark and handsome. With an edge. I’ve had the opportunity to meet this lovely man at our North Central Regionals, and he rocks chiseled features and a playful personality to boot. The tattoos that mark his skin add to the bad-boy look, but he happens to be a hunky husband and daddy, which makes for a dangerously alluring duo. Jeremy is the face of JUNK Brands and 1st Phorm, and for good reason. Whether he’s attacking a workout or standing on the sidelines, Mr. Mhire looks good from here.

6. Christmas Abbott is the bad-girl of CrossFit beauty. Her tattoos tell a story of an interesting past and a colorful personality, and her tire-changing gig and weightlifting ways show she doesn’t mind messing around in activities stereotypically associated with men. She’s tiny, tenacious and treads the line between gritty and girly. And I love it all. Her story is one of inspiration, and her pursuit of personal progress is motivating. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s nice to look at. Very nice to look at. Her small stature doesn’t limit her abilities, and she enthusiastically announces the development and growth of her bacd. Which I fully support.

5. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is a fabulous French-Canadian with a bangin’ body and a sweet-as-can-be sensibility. Her constant smile creates a captivating aura, and it seems she uses her status as a platform for positivity. She can muscle-up like a magical acrobat, and her Fran time is just one fine example of her gymnastics expertise. Camille lifts like a man but always exhibits class like a true lady, and her applause for her peers sets her apart. That, and her enticing accent. This brunette bombshell is everything CrossFit is all about.

4. The white-short-wearing woman known as Stacy Tovar, is a must-have on this list. The thing is, I’ve always had a healthy respect for her rear and those white shorts, but at Regionals this year, she made me an even bigger fan. Her attitude throughout a difficult series of workouts did not deter her from giving her all and fighting for every rep, every second, and every weight. She put herself out there and it didn’t matter where she placed, but how much she put into each performance. Her spirit is beyond sexy, and those white shorts certainly don’t hurt.

3. You may think it’s ridiculous, but I feel compelled to include my husband, Luke Reiland on this list. The thing is, it’s hard to deny his good looks. Without eating terribly clean, he has a natural ability to maintain a 6-pack (sometimes 8, depending on the day). I find his gray-flecked hair fantastically sexy, and the rugged scruff bordering his jawline offers the right kinds of tickling. Luke has brown eyes that can make you melt, and a heart of gold. He cares more about his family and the success of his members and athletes than his owner personal endeavors, and there’s nothing hotter than humility.

2. Elisabeth Akinwale is an animal. If we’re going to assess booties, hers in untouchable. It’s perky and plump and pretty much perfect. And her hair is like a halo of kickass—like a lion mane on a beautiful beast. She’s a mid-30s mommy who dominates the scene but continues to encourage her CrossFit comrades. Her beautiful face and body, paired with her no-nonsense honesty are refreshing features of what I would call a professional athlete. It’s hard to find a role model in a sexy beasts body, but Elisabeth Akinwale has it all.

1. And my top CrossFit crush: all the “average” Joes (and Josephines) out there. You are not so average. You are the people who make this sport what it is. You are the people who are defining fitness in a revolutionary way. You are the people who attend events and make professional endeavors possible for the CrossFit athletes we all look up to. The sexiest, coolest, most crushable features of CrossFit are a part of every person who walks into the box to WOD and gives everything they have to their health, and the wellness of those around them.

So eat it up readers. Turns out you’re all positively radiant, and I have entirely too many CrossFit crushes to count. So peace, love and a slightly inappropriate kiss for you all.