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Oh, Mother Earth.


We are so distant from you today.

Today while I was running at The Bluffs in Santa Monica, Calif., I watched how buried in their miniature computers or talking on cell phones everyone was. Perhaps one in 20 passersby nodded hello. About four to five times a week, I exercise in this same general area. Therefore, I see the same people four to five times a week, and the same two people say “Hello” or reply to my “Hello,” while the rest walk by with their heads down, acting as if they didn’t see me.

Can I get a simple “Hello” these days? Or maybe a handshake?

During my college years, I took off a semester to go to Tanzania, Africa. Long story short, it was the trip of a lifetime. Think rural and then think a hundred times more rural. I felt energized and radiating while in Africa. I felt connected to Mother Earth. The people were beautiful and poured out love. No matter the different villages, towns or cities I experienced, everyone acknowledged other people. The environment was breathtaking, and I had never experienced air more pure. The people respected each other just as much as they did nature.

So, how do we connect Africa with Siri-abusers?

Lately, I’ve read a few articles (Gottfried and MDA) in response to grounding and its potential health benefits. Basically, grounding, or earthing, refers to the process of connecting electrically with the earth. We are exposed to a vast assortment of electromagnetic radiation daily. This radiation shakes up our body’s natural environment. When we walk around in rubber-soled shoes, we are storing all these free radicals within our body and not recharging or filtering the system. By checking in to Mother Earth with our bare feet, we are able to tap into the tank of negatively charged electrons and balance our body.

Grounding is said to combat chronic inflammation by offering up negatively charged electrons to neutralize the positive free radicals that are lurking around in the healthy tissue inside our bodies. Grounding is said to help improve sleep, aches and pains and circulation and reduce stress.

Your prescription.

When I have a patient with foot issues, their first homework is to walk around in the grass or sand barefoot three times a week for 30 minutes. It’s amazing how this simple exercise can not only make foot pain better, but also enhance someone’s life. Whether you believe in grounding or not, I think it’s certainly a valuable exercise.

Thirty minutes a session, at least three times a week of grounding can bring you back in touch with nature. You are literally recharging. Take this time to think about you. Nourish your soul with happy, hearty self-talk while you’re walking barefoot on the beach.

— Lindsey Mathews