Stuff Your CrossFitter’s Stocking

Our resident Grinder and author of Grinder’s Gear Review, Jamie Toland, provides some holiday stocking-stuffer ideas for the CrossFit athlete in your life.

I don’t personally think that buying things for a CrossFitter is all that difficult. However, if your significant other, sibling or even friend is big into CrossFit and you aren’t involved with it, figuring out what to get him or her could be a challenge. Here are some great stocking stuffers for the CrossFit guy or gal in your life.

Elite Fitness Magnets


This is a quirky and fun gift idea. Remember those fun poetry magnets on your refrigerator? Elite Fitness Magnets is a new company that takes the concept of those magnets and gives you thousands of word and number combinations based on CrossFit workouts and movements. You can arrange them to do some actual programming for yourself or your affiliate, or you can just play around and try to dream up some fun and never-before-seen WODs. This is such a simple concept that I had a blast playing around with them. My initial reaction was, “How fun could this be?” The answer is, hours of fun. If you have someone who loves to do CrossFit and is a fan of programming, this is an incredible gift. $16, Elite Fitness Magnets

Clean Snatch Soap


All-natural soap with no chemicals added, this product intrigued me for years before I finally decided to get a bar. It smells great, and it provides an amazing clean to your skin. Whether I’m using it to wash my hands and face or showering with it, Clean Snatch Soap really does go with me everywhere I travel. It’s rare to find a product like this, which is not only made of quality ingredients but also does what it claims to do and lasts for a long time. This is another small business made by people who do CrossFit themselves. CS Soap Inc. makes deodorant and liquid hand soap, as well. Check out all its soaps and products on its site. Luckily, they all come in stocking-size packages. $8, CS Soap Inc. 

SmartWool Socks


It’s almost a mistake suggesting these to CrossFitters because they will ruin you from wearing any other pair of socks. From low-cut running socks to midcalf socks to everyday dress socks to socks for hunting or hiking, Smartwool makes the greatest pair of socks I have ever worn for work or training. They are not cheap (in terms of socks), and I find myself buying one or two pairs from time to time to replace my non-SmartWool socks in my dresser. The holidays are the best time to hit up friends and family for a good supply of these treats for your feet. Toss one or two pairs of these in your favorite CrossFitter stocking … and don’t forget to try some on for yourself. Your feet will thank you. Starting at $22, SmartWool

Bear KompleX Grips


Another startup that’s new to the CrossFit scene, Bear KompleX makes some great products. Both the two- and three-finger grips provide comfortable hand protection and help keep you on the bar for movements like pull-ups and toes-to-bar. The wrist straps don’t dig into your wrist when you move from hanging from the bar to lifting it. They are versatile enough to not be a burden for movements like handstand push-ups or wall balls. I like the brown leather grips, and these are the first hand protection that I have used with leather straps and Velcro around the wrists that I have really liked and used over and over. If you know CrossFit athletes who have rips and tears and you want to help them protect their hands in 2016, stuff their stocking with a couple of pairs of these grips. $35, Bear Komplex

These are some of the products that will be great for a gift exchange or to fill up a stocking during the holiday season. Gift cards are always nice, but you can’t go wrong with any of these products if you want to put a smile on the face of your favorite Grinder.

What are some gifts you’d like to see appear in your stocking or under the tree this year?

Stay on the Grind.