The Waiting Games

It's that time of the year—that empty void between the CrossFit Regionals and the Games. How do you fill those weeks?

I’m sure I’m not alone. The post-Regionals/pre-Games time of year is always a really trying test of patience for me. After three straight weeks of nonstop, pulse-quickening broadcasts in May, the athletes and fans have to hit the pause button and wait until the third week of July before things pick up again at the CrossFit Games.

So what do we do until then?

Here are some suggestions to help the CrossFit community endure what I refer to as the Waiting Games:

1. YouTube. Virtually every minute of every CrossFit Games can be found, watched and relived on YouTube. CrossFit HQ has its own channel and it’s one of the few I subscribe to. You can watch rebroadcasts of this year’s Regionals and the past Regionals or any contest going all the way back to the Games at the Ranch in Aromas. If you’re interested in learning more about the specific qualifiers from this year, YouTube will let you relive how the Games athletes got there by replaying the 2015 Regional broadcasts, as well.


2. Local Competitions. Maybe it’s just my social media, but it seems like every other post I see is about a “throwdown” or some kind of other competition that is based on functional fitness within a three-state area. Obviously, nicer climates and higher temperatures in the Midwest are driving this surge in local competitions, but I have to think that the Regionals coming to a close are a factor in “getting the competitive juices flowing” for so many of us who don’t have the strength, speed and skill to compete on that level.

3. Personal Development. You don’t have to formally compete to be competitive. Whether you are working on PRs or just trying to beat the guy or girl next to you during a morning WOD, CrossFit gives us all a chance to compete daily. I know that the anticipation of the Games always gets me fired up to work on my own weaknesses. One cool thing is that during this waiting, CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro will start releasing the workouts a little bit at a time. Try some of them. I remember we did last year’s triple 3’s as a partner workout. It was a rough one, even splitting the 3K row, 300 double-unders and 3-mile run, but it gave me a sense of some of the stuff the Games athletes actually have to endure during their four days of competing.

This time of year is akin to the end of the NFL playoffs and the time when the Super Bowl actually starts. How do you like to fill it? Share your thoughts with us.

Stay on the Grind.