8 Predictions for the CrossFit Games, 2025

’Tis the season. Every July, our cult-like community comes together for the world championships of CrossFit.

’Tis the season. Every July, our cult-like community comes together for the world championships of CrossFit. Our eyes are fixated on phones or laptops with live feeds or performance updates, and we drive our digital buddies bonkers with nonstop Facebook posts about the latest and greatest achievements of our favorite athletes. And every year, the number of spectators, the sponsorships and the physical requirements of each workout grow. So what might the Games look like in more than 10 years? I’ve completed a highly scientific evaluation of the evolution of CrossFit (aka, tried to remember all the workouts over the past several years) and engaged in several formal interviews with top professionals in the industry (aka, discussion with my husband and trainers over a beer), and my findings provided these top eight predictions for the CrossFit Games, 2025.

  • The largest Games sponsor will be Dave Castro’s popular line of hair gels. Forget this Reebok vs. Nike stuff. Our main man will be rolling in piles of money so excessive that he’ll need to spend some on a new endeavor just to make room for more. He will be the face of CrossFit, the Games and CrossGel; the all-terrain, sweat-proof, slick-willy hair-care product for men and women of all ages, all sizes and abilities. He then will run for president, and win.
  • The Games will become even more of a worldwide phenomenon. The Games will no longer consume about a week of the CrossFit world and all its followers’ time; it will become Olympic caliber, consuming many days and nights of television watching, beginning with a spectacular opening ceremony, and highlighting new divisions like the Junior Games, the Para-Games and the Special Games.
  • People will no longer measure athletic success. Judging will be obsolete. Technology will do the talking. Small sensors will be stuck to athletes’ feet, hips, heads, equipment (and more), and there will be undisputable evidence of no reps, squat depth and finish times.
  • The Games will draw the best of the best in the world of athletics. Men offered high-paying contracts for professional football and women with Olympic gymnastics aspirations will instead opt to train for the chance to be a leader in the sport of fitness. Their workout regimen will be rigorous, the competition will be stiff, the coaches will be very well-paid, and the Games will represent an entire community of high-level professional athletes spanning the globe and the age spectrum (even more so than now).
  • Every athlete at the Games will be dazzling. As with a group of American Idol contestants, sponsors and endorsement companies will aim to beautify all these already lovely beasts with whiter teeth and clearer skin and photographic hairdos. Although most of us already find their aura impressive and astounding, there ain’t no shame in accepting some free services. The arena and rig will be filled with top performers who look nothing short of Greek gods and goddesses.
  • Controversy will rear its ugly head, as it does with anything in the spotlight. The Games athletes will succumb to high-level drug testing, and apparel and gear used by participants will have to be approved by rigorous (and probably politically biased) standards. There will undoubtedly be some sort of crazy breaking news situations as our athletes become subjects of celebrity-like media and spectator speculation.
  • I anticipate sharks, cars and mountains. Perhaps that lengthy swim in the ocean is paired with some chum to attract the great whites of the world. Swimming and shark fighting might be Event 1. When it comes to deadlifting, bars may no longer be sufficient … but cars might. And rather than jog that half marathon in the desert heat, climb Mount Everest for time. Boom.
  • Rich Froning will continue his reign as the King of CrossFit. By that time, he will be a 62-time Games champion or something like that. Won’t matter what division cause he’ll win ’em all. The Games will never have a year without the face (and lovely body) of our beloved Rich Froning. He’ll be a legend someday, but in 2025, he’ll still be kickin’ asses.

My forensic analysis indicates these predictions to be about 87.42 percent likely. So get on board and enjoy the ride because the next 10 years of the CrossFit Games will only be bigger, better and more badass than in years past. And we are the community that helped it all get started and are driving the progress in a positive direction. The momentum of CrossFit and the Games is unstoppable, so join the party or get out of the way.

Abi Reiland
Co-Owner/Trainer, CrossFit 8035
Director, The MAT Games
Author, prettyngritty.com