As CrossFit Legitimizes as a Sport, So Does Its Influence

CrodssFit Lindsey Valenzuela

Everyone seems to be excited about the glitz and glam of the “Sport of Fitness” as its market legitimacy starts to creep toward the level of mainstream sports. Big checks, the media, the fans and the personalities are all there. People should be excited.

For me, the real excitement is about the money, too. Not because I want to see Rich Froning in a Lamborghini, but because I want Rich Froning, Sam Briggs, Lindsey Valenzuela and the likes to be themselves. I’d like them to be able to offer their gift and chase their dreams with the same reward structure that we all get to benefit from. If you’re the best in the world at your craft, you ought to get paid like it. Period.

Slowly but surely, that is happening. The days of being the fittest man or women on Earth and having to hustle on the side to pay rent and eat are over. Thank goodness!

Why am I so excited?

Well, I’m not going to be standing on the podium with the big check anytime soon. My excitement comes from the ability this gives athletes to influence. Every time Lindsey Valenzuela is on an airplane to go influence people around the world to be better, I think we all benefit. When folks of this caliber are at home trying to wrangle someone, anyone, that’s willing to pay them $50 to learn an air squat, I think the world misses out.

So, I say bring it. Bring in Nike, Progenex, Timex and Reebok. These athletes have done the work and they’ll continue to influence the world in a revolution of health and fitness. It’s in everyone’s best interest that they can do it without figuring out where their next paycheck is going to come from.

— Logan Gelbrich