Bad Fads: Health Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

These days, you can’t turn on the television, listen to the radio or scan the Internet without being bombarded by advertisements offering easy alternatives to achieving a healthy life.
spoonful of pills

These days, you can’t turn on the television, listen to the radio or scan the Internet without being bombarded by advertisements offering easy alternatives to achieving a healthy life. Some might offer weight loss, while others promise immediate energy, but don’t succumb to the blissful sounding bull these companies spout. Beware of these fads that are nothing but bad.

  • Pills: I don’t care what they promise, what color they are or how frequently you take them. They will not suddenly provide you the wellness you so desire. I’m not discounting the uses of legitimate prescription medications. I’m talking about the bottle of magic you can buy online that suggests it can cure all by helping you lose weight, get toned and feel great. Most of these pills are packed with crap you don’t need or want in your body, so don’t buy into the idea that pill popping is a productive means to achieving a rockin’ bod or positive bodily affects. It’s your daily routine and all that goes into it that can get you on track to look and feel great.
  • Cleanses: Perhaps there is a time and place for a short cleanse. I’m not a doctor so I won’t debate that. But it maddens me to hear radio ads encouraging people to forget about exercise and forget about eating healthy. (Complete Nutrition has one out now that states this word for word). It claims the way to lose weight is a cleanse. Well no sh*t. If anybody has an intake purely consisting of fluids with minimal calories, weight will be lost. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy, and that doesn’t mean it’s sustainable. Your best bet to achieve a healthy weight and a well body is good food for fuel and regular activity. Kick the cleanses to the curb.
  • Getting Ripped in Minutes: Here’s the deal. You will not get ripped by doing a three-minute ab video or 10 leg lifts in your living room each night. What the videos and the advertisements neglect to mention is that sweat, heavy breathing and healthy practices in all areas of life are the only real ways to get super lean the right way. Although minimal movement is better than none, don’t let the shredded instructors fool you into thinking a video lasting only minutes is how they got their muscular glutes.
  • Obvious Oddballs: Although I like to believe the bulk of the population are capable of demonstrating common sense, turns out people will try anything if they think it means results without work. Something to bear in mind on your quest for health and wellness: If it sounds ridiculous, it probably is. Swishing oil in your mouth for 20 minutes is silly. Eating only grapefruit for weeks is lame. And any machine offering miraculous results (weight shaker, thigh master and ab roller) are a waste of money. You’re better off saving that cash and investing in some local organic goods and a fitness regimen that keeps you motivated and accountable.

I’m all for experimentation. CrossFit, for example, would not have come about without somebody branching out and trying something new. But I think the bad fads are fairly easy to identify. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. If it promises something that seems unattainable, it is. And if it seems like something you can’t maintain, you won’t. Use your noggin and put your energy into things you can control. Don’t take the lazy way out. Instead, put in the time and effort and go after whatever it is you want: a lean physique, healthy habits or just a better life in general. It takes years to develop bad habits, and it may take years to transition to good habits. But bad fads will only delay your journey, so forget them and get started on the path of persistence. There is no substitute for hard work.

Abi Reiland
Co-Owner/Trainer, CrossFit 8035