CrossFit Ladies: Some Tricks of the Trade

Just because a woman loves some weightlifting and box jumps, it doesn’t mean she’s not a lady. Over the past 10 years, a much larger portion of the female population has exhibited interest in what
CrossFit Woman

Just because a woman loves some weightlifting and box jumps, it doesn’t mean she’s not a lady. Over the past 10 years, a much larger portion of the female population has exhibited interest in what some might describe as extreme sports: activities like marathons, mixed martial arts and CrossFit. And it’s badass. But every intense athletic activity presents its own unique challenges, specific to women. Runners lose toenails, fighters get hit and serious CrossFitters have hands like brutes. But there are ways to maintain lady-like ways if you’re so inclined. So to cater to those who love a gritty activity but have a girly streak, I offer some female-focused tips of the CrossFit (and other extreme sports) trade.

Hair Care

I don’t know about you, but I’m a girl on the go. I bounce from meetings, to workouts, to pick up my kids from school, to the grocery store and more. And most of the time, my hair ends up a hot mess. Which is why every girl should have headbands. Whether you like to rock Junk, tame your locks with Lulu or carry a colorful scarf, a simple headband is an easy way to hide hair that’s not up to par. Cover your halo of sweat and look sleek and sophisticated in moments with a bun up top and a black headband to control the chaos. Quick, easy and as elegant as we can sometimes get.


When it comes to nails, after an intense WOD it’s not uncommon for your hands to look like they just completed the Hunger Games. Chalk, dirt and sweat can add up to nails that carry crap under them. And there’s nothing nastier than shaking hands with somebody who appears to have disastrously dirty hands. So give them the appearance of clean as can be and cared for with a little Shellac. This sh*ts amazing. Doesn’t chip, doesn’t wear off and doesn’t discolor. It will hide the chalk lingering under your nails and give your hands the look of a lady.

Go Commando

This might seem like a weird one, but roll with me for a minute. Many women opt to work out wearing a thong or undies. On top of that, you might have tights or shorts. Two layers are more than your girl parts prefer. Don’t suffocate her, let her breathe so you can avoid any unwanted woes like yeast infections and urinary tract infections. Tons of athletic wear will have some built-in breathable liner that’s perfect for a hot and sweaty session, and most tights are made to be comfortable without the extra protection of panties. Keep your coochie happy by going commando.

Luxurious Hand Lotion

We use chalk. We grip barbells. We f*ck up our flesh. The hands of a girl who really goes after it in her CrossFit class endure a great deal. And it must be managed. Dry and drab hands can lead to more than just a partner who doesn’t want to be touched. Without the appropriate applications, hands can crack, heal much slower than preferred, and become uncomfortable and itchy. So every lady should invest in some serious moisturizer for her hands. The best options are thick and fresh smelling and leave your hands healed and ready for more.

Make Black Your Best Friend

Sweat is easy to see. Unless it’s under black clothing. When you’re about to conquer a day without rest, be armed with a black sports bra, black tank and black tights. Sweat or spills won’t show, it’s a quick and comfortable option suitable for just about every occasion, and you can rock some slip-on sandals, a necklace or even a coverup to spice it up after you have a chance to cool down. It’s chic and adaptable, so you can’t go wrong. Black is your bestie.

Being an athlete doesn’t mean you have to forget your feminine ways. Not every girl likes glitz and glam, but it’s easy to get your “girly” on if you’re willing to get creative. There’s nothing holding you back from training like a beast but still looking like a beauty. So go on and get it girls.

Abi Reiland
Co-Owner/Trainer, CrossFit 8035