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CrossFit Teens Get a Golden Ticket

The competition for the World’s Fittest Teen is on!
Golden Ticket

Earlier this year, in my article “Teens Represented in 2015 Open,” I talked with four teen athletes about what it meant to them to have a chance to compete in the Open for the first time.

Little did any of us know that it would turn into something more than that.

Everything changed after the Open Event 15.4 concluded. With cameras rolling, the director of the CrossFit Games, Dave Castro, announced: “Teens, you guys are competing. You guys are doing great. You guys are going to compete in the CrossFit Games.”

Awesome! But wait. What the hell did that mean?

Was there a Regional for teens? Did the top 20 make it? All four divisions? The most likely conclusion was that there would be an online qualifier put into place similar to the Masters division in which a set number of qualified teen athletes would have to complete four workouts in a set number of days and then submit videos and have HQ determine who would qualify.

But then the CrossFit Games answered everyone’s questions. They are making it as short and simple of a process as possible. Top 10 you’re in.

This was the statement from the CrossFit Games this past Saturday:

“Here’s what you need to know:

● The top 10 worldwide in each teenage division in the Open will be invited to compete at the CrossFit Games. That adds up to a total of 40 athletes across the four divisions (14-15 girls, 14-15 boys, 16-17 girls, 16-17 boys).

CrossFit Teens

● There is no additional qualifier. The qualified athletes will go directly from the Open to the Games.”

So how did my four teens fare under these guidelines for qualification for the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games — Teen division?

● Meredith Sullivan, Teenage Girls 16-17: Finished seventh in the North Central Region and 78th in the world.

● Kindelle Schmulbach, Teenage Girls 14-15: Finished four of five workouts but has qualified for a USAW event and is training for a shot at the Youth Nationals (snatch/clean-and-jerk) in late June.

● Matt Cole, Teenage Boys 16-17: Finished first in the South Central Region and eighth in the world. Matt is now a CrossFit Games Teen Athlete.

● Sydney Sullivan, Teenage Girls 14-15: Finished first in the North Central Region and first in the world.

If you believed, as Whitney Houston did, that “children are our future,” then don’t miss a chance to check out these two teens and the 38 other talented qualifiers at this summer’s CrossFit Games.

What impressed you the most about these amazing young athletes? Thoughts about the Teenage division in year one?

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