CrossFit to Grow at the Margins With SMEs

Delve into the details to advance the CrossFit revolution.
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The maturation of CrossFit is exciting to watch. For me, the best part of the evolution of this thing is the improvement we’re seeing in the community. Millions of people are getting impressively fit. In addition, the open-source model of knowledge in CrossFit is improving the landscape of coaches, as well.

Coaches are hungry to learn and experts are eager to share, which is the perfect storm for a fitness revolution. The best expression of this, in my opinion, has been the involvement of the subject-matter experts in CrossFit.

I’ll never forget the “Violent Agreement” video series in the CrossFit Journal years ago that featured the father of the Pose Method, Dr. Nicholas Romanov, and Westside Barbell’s Louie Simmons. The simple fact that CrossFit produced a video of the two standing and talking together made me respect and fall in love with CrossFit. They could have said anything because the mere idea that these gentlemen, masters from two polar-opposite applications of human performance, were having a meeting of the minds was so important to the inclusivity of the CrossFit mission and was symbolic of a revolution to come.

It’s my view that beyond the initial impact of answering the question for people, “What is CrossFit?” that the bulk of growing the excellence of CrossFit will happen at the margins. Given that CrossFit is an accumulation of specific, tried-and-true modalities, I think we can turn to the subject-matter experts in the community to advance our conversation of human movement because it’s the SMEs with asymmetrical expertise on our practices, and that’s unchartered territory we have to grow.

If you’re making waves in the CrossFit community, do us all a favor and keep busting the seams of our capacity as a community. Delve into the details of gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, running and the like, not just in the middle of the road but in the detailed fringes of each.

The future best coaches in the world may be expert-level coaches in multiple disciplines unlike anything we’ve seen before. Will it be you?