Fall Into Fitness

Many trainers start to hibernate in the fall, but it’s actually the time to rejuvenate your training sessions.

As the seasons change and temperatures drop, it can become more and more difficult to drag yourself out of bed on chilly, dark, midweek mornings. While pumpkin patches and haunted hayrack rides become overrun with yoga pants–clad, fleece pullover, scarf-wearing girls of all variety, CrossFit boxes can sometimes become a little more sparsely populated.

Fitness is never an easy endeavor. There is always an excuse. Whether it’s too hot in the summer or there are too many things going on around the holidays in the winter, people can always conjure up reasons to skip their trip to the gym.

In the Midwest, I’ve noticed that as summer fades into autumn, CrossFitters sometimes let their enthusiasm for training slip, as well. The spring brings motivation to get in shape before you start making trips to the pool or beach. There is so much going on in summer when you can take your fitness training to local tracks, lakes, parks or hiking trails.

There is definitely no shortage of winter competitions for athletes to stay in shape. Plus, during the cold winter months, motivation arises from too many guilty calories taken in at family holiday meals.


As the leaves change and the days grow shorter, CrossFitters pull back from their training sessions. But this is the opposite of what CrossFitters should be doing. We should all use the fall to rejuvenate our training sessions. If it’s still nice enough outside, get out and take your training to the local running trail or park and move around. Find some 5K or 10K races to participate in, which will give you a goal to train for and let you get out to see all the fall colors.

I would actually argue that putting the work in during the fall months might be the most important time of year. Not only are you giving yourself an advantage over everyone else who opts for s’mores and pumpkin craft beers over pull-ups and tire flips, but you’re also putting yourself in good position to have your fitness at it’s peak level when the Open kicks off in 2016.

What are some of your favorite things about training in the fall? What tips do you have for people who use the shorter and colder days as an excuse to slack off in their training?

Stay on the Grind.