Female, Fertile, and Fabulous


As a middle-aged female, you are healthiest when you are smiling and ovulating. During my athletic, success-driven life, I’ve encountered numerous females who have had issues with food, the fitness lifestyle and the intertwining world of them both. As women, we function better with a slightly higher body fat percentage as compared to males. That’s life. We each have a predetermined genetic makeup that is affected by our environment, thus resulting in very different human beings. Embrace your body type and what’s inside.

CrossFit Female, Fertile, and Fabulous

Below are my secrets to optimal health and also fabulousness:

  • Hydrate. Water is needed for the immune system, muscles and the rest of your body. Increased hydration is warranted in situations such as increase in temperature, exercise, travel and when your immune system is feeling suppressed or you’re waiting out a virus.
  • Sleep. If you do not get adequate sleep, your hormone levels are altered, cortisol increases and insulin resistance increases. Sleep is the time for your body to reset with the world, recover and recharge. Sleep is essential for your body. Naps are okay, too.
  • Move. Find a variety of movements you enjoy and do them as often as possible. Run, swim, jump, dance and lift. Movement is life. Correct movement is optimal life. Practice efficient, safe, powerful, flexible and skillful movements.
  • Eat a lot. That’s right. Eat a ton of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and yummy fats. All too often, I encounter women wanting to conceive, who eat, at most, what a fourth-grade girl consumes. Eat food. Don’t count calories.
  • If you are trying to get pregnant, consume nourishing foods such as organ meats, bone broth, full-fat butter or ghee, and of course fermented foods such as kraut or kimchi.
  • Real foods have a lot of nutrient benefits. Give real food a chance to do its magic.
  • Supplement with real food first. Try integrating food that is nutrient dense in certain vitamins or minerals before even going after a supplement. If there are not enough grass-fed meats, salmon, anchovies or other fish in your diet, then consider trying a liquid fish oil supplement such as Original Nutritionals. If you are not outside long enough to soak up some vitamin D, get your levels tested and then supplement. Frozen liver, for example, can be a super nutrient-dense real-food supplement. Eat a few 1-inch squares of these a day.
  • Use all-natural organic cosmetics and toiletries. Your skin is your biggest organ. It reveals everything that is going on inside your body. If the physiological processes are in complete chaos, your skin will display this as redness, a rash, blisters or even dark circles and lack of color. Packing on products loaded with chemicals such as parabens, PEGs, and phthalates not only keep the toxins inside your body but also can affect a growing fetus.
  • Check out 3GirlsHolistic’s website (3girlsholistic.com) for awesome products that are BirthFIT approved.
  • Be a smart shopper. When you need to grocery shop, stay on the perimeter of the grocery store. That is where the real food resides. When you can, buy your produce at a local farmer’s market and ask if they put pesticides on their products. Be conscious of where your meat comes from and the processes that it undergoes to get to you. I order my meat from Nousuon (nousuon.com), and this company more than impresses me.
  • Question everything and everyone. You are your own gatekeeper, therefore you are the only one who truly monitors what goes in and out of your body. Question all healthcare professionals, read labels, ask your coach questions and constantly learn.

Fun, fertile, fabulous females hold themselves and their environment to the highest integrity and standards. Be the best version of you can be daily.

— Lindsey Mathews, D.C.