I’m Doing the Open

You know you're not going to compete at the next level, so why do the Open? James Toland shares his thoughts.

Spoiler alert: I’m not going to make it to Regionals as an athlete. There is an extremely good chance that if you are reading this neither are you.

But to be fair, I had NO chance of making it last year when the cut was 48 or even when the original cut line was 60. For some athletes, the point of doing the Open is to advance to Regionals and show what they can do on a larger stage — showcase their fitness in front of friends, the community and potential sponsors.

The other 97 percent (percentage not based on actual numbers) has the chance to do the workouts and put their scores up against other everyday grinders around the planet. 

The question I keep reading on social media feeds is: What’s the point?

I never went into an Open thinking that I had any chance of becoming an athlete who will compete at the next level. The thing I like is putting my scores into the leader board and seeing my score (no matter how bad they are) compared with everyone else. Officially registering gives me a sense of being a part of the worldwide community. 

I could do the workouts at my local affiliate just to find out my results. It’s cool to watch the live announcements every week and then hammer through them against your friends to compare scores. But in a sense, isn’t that what we all do every day? You do the WOD. You post your score. You go online or check the whiteboard the next morning to see where your number stacks up in your class or overall against your fellow box mates.

I suppose you could sit down with a calculator and figure out mathematically how your results would rank among the other athletes in your region, state, city or around the country. But wouldn’t it be easier and more efficient to pay the $20 and register?

With the addition of new divisions this year (teens and scaled), the naming of state champions and the fact that I’m now officially in the 40-44 Masters category, I feel like I have an even better chance to filter through the leader board and zero in on my own little niche of athletes.

Even if I still end up in 1,000th place in that group, at least I’ll have given it a shot, and in the process, I’ll learn more about myself and the things I need to work on in my journey through my CrossFit training.

Are you doing the Open? Why or why not?