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I’m Doing The Team Series

The CrossFit Team Series starts September 8. Are you in?
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In 2011 when the CrossFit Open was unleashed, I didn’t sign up. I did the workouts, but I didn’t officially register. Why? Maybe it was because I was only one year into my training. Maybe I just wanted to see how the Open would play out over the weeks before I decided to give it a shot. Regardless, I took the same approach (or lack there of) with the Team Series last year.

This year, I decided to give it a shot, so I put together a Masters 40+ Team. I have no idea how we’ll do, but there were some things I liked about the 2014 version that helped me make the decision.

In 2014, they gave you a group of workouts and then let the teams decide how they would do them and in what order over a set number of days. This reminded me of when they announced the Masters qualifier workouts all at once and then gave them a few days to complete them. I think that by doing that for the teams, it will give us a chance to plan out the strengths and strategies for maximizing each workout.

Competing against people our own age gives us a chance … sort of. I mean, my team might not be remotely close to placing in the top 10 and winning any money, but we have a much better chance against other Masters athletes than we do against the Fronings, Dottirs and Smiths of the world.

I also like that the Team Series helps fill in the void that exists between the end of the CrossFit Games and the kickoff of the CrossFit Open. As a competitor, my team gets to do the same workouts as some of the best Games athletes. But as a fan, we will get to watch videos of these amazing athletes posting incredible scores and inspiring CrossFitters around the world to get registered and see what they can do.

It’s awesome that CrossFit throws out the restriction that athletes all have to train at the same affiliate and lets the Games competitors team up however they want. There’s no doubt that sponsors play a part in some of the collaboration, but some of the “super teams” that have already been announced have me really excited to follow them.

I have no idea what CrossFit will throw our way during the Team Series, but I know that I’ll have a good experience competing with my group and watching some of the best in the business do their thing, as well.

Are you doing the Team Series? What did you think about last year’s version? What are some movements or workouts you’d like to see in the 2015 edition?

Stay on the Grind.