Leaderboarding Trend Crushes Workplace Productivity


Extreme trends come and go. Well now, planking and, more recently, Harlem shaking have given way to “leaderboarding.” That’s right, it’s CrossFit Games Open season, and that means there are hours upon hours being spent scouring the leaderboard as data rolls in.

CrossFit Leaderboard

This trend isn’t reserved for the passionate few, either. Top competitors in the sport are openly guilty of this latest fad. Super fans, gym owners, first-year athletes and savvy vets are all taking to games.crossfit.com for the latest in the worldwide rankings. As if Facebook didn’t provide enough of a draw on productivity, the leaderboard will surely bring productivity at work to a screeching halt.

Furthermore, visitors to the Games site are benefiting from an entirely new interface with many more capabilities than years past. New features include the ability to view leaderboards based on a number of customizable demographics. For example, one can find the fittest women in the Canada East Region with two years CrossFit experience.

The site takes things even one step further with a beta version of a customizable leaderboard, which takes the leaderboarding obsession to a whole new level. One can create a separate leaderboard with his/her closest friends. For example, I’ve created a leaderboard for all the athletes from my alma mater, the University of San Diego.

We CrossFitters never said we weren’t obsessed with the numbers. With more than 120,000 participants worldwide, the CrossFit Games has become an event that the world cannot ignore. These simple leaderboard features are just another way to enjoy this beautiful beast. Plus, what better motivation than to see how close you can compete with CrossFit legends like Josh Everett?

This is the 128th fittest man in SoCal reporting while leaderboarding, of course. Over and out!

— Logan Gelbrich