Level-1 Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All


Have you ever heard some dissatisfaction surrounding the fact that the CrossFit L1 Certification is the only thing that that stands between any fitness fanatic and being the head coach at his/her own fitness school? “It’s ridiculous! You’ve got these idiots coaching people who have no business doing so. Anyone can spend a weekend at a seminar.”

Level One Cert

Whether you’ve been making that argument yourself or you’ve been on the receiving end of such a tirade because of your attachment to CrossFit is beside the point. It’s a relevant question. For the folks like me inside the CrossFit sphere who are coaches and/or business owners the issue is twofold. Naturally, we’d like to be respected for our abilities as coaches, and we secretly don’t want to be held responsible for the shortcomings of other CrossFit L1 Certified Coaches that aren’t meeting the standards of their students, putting people in danger, etc.

In an effort to provide a solution to this predicament, let me pose a question. Is everyone who graduated from your university, or even high school, up to your standard? I can tell you that many students that graduated from my business school are far from being fit for business. I’ll never forget seeing someone I knew from high school walking my college campus the first week of school. As someone who graduated at the top of my class with a GPA well over 4.0, I was now about to get the same degree as him? Take that another step further, many of my teammates (bless their hearts) were incredible men, but I wouldn’t go around boasting that we have the same bachelor’s degree to any employers anytime soon. Trust me, nothing bums me out more than seeing a gym owner beating the CrossFit drum that isn’t living up to my standards, but I think we are missing the picture on this one.

What’s interesting is that I hear all these L1-bashing arguments articulated in a way that makes it sound like CrossFit states that all of its L1 graduates are world-class coaches. Have you ever heard CrossFit HQ make that claim? I haven’t. So, why are we crucifying an organization for not doing something it never claimed to do? Furthermore, I think many folks may agree that the HQ staff executes the L1 cert in an impressively professional, succinct matter.

What’s the L1 cert? It’s an excellent foundation for anyone entering the CrossFit world. Like college, your certificate grants you very little in the grand scheme of things. As for the mastery part? Well, that’s up to you. Just like in every other industry in this country.