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On-The-Road Etiquette: Exploring Other Boxes

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Whether it’s for work or vacation, traveling can challenge you to stay in shape. Luckily, CrossFit offers options worldwide, so if your hotel or beach WOD doesn’t work out, you have a place to plant your Nanos for a regular WOD with a group of equally eager individuals. As we all know, not every box is created equally, so it’s hard to know what you might be walking into. But regardless, there are some on-the-road etiquette guidelines you should consider.

  1. Call ahead to confirm. Although dropping is a common occurrence, it’s always wise to call ahead. Make the gym aware of your plans to attend, and confirm the drop-in fee and class times. Some gyms may have capped attendance, open gym times, or even special events that can create change or challenges. So before you pack your bag and make your post-WOD protein shake, check in with the box you’re considering to be sure you can be accommodated. There are generally several options available in most major cities, so if one doesn’t work out you can always try another.
  2. Stick to their structure. Because every box is unique, you never know what you’re going to get, so be sure you’re prepared to go with the flow. Just because your box at home has a structured warm-up and mobility work, doesn’t mean another CrossFit will offer the same options. Hopefully you’re confident enough in your abilities that you can handle yourself accordingly. And if you happen to hit a strength day when your regular programming dictates some plyometrics, don’t get down. You’re there to work and that’s almost undoubtedly what you’ll get. Just keep in mind that you’re the guest so your preferences may not reign supreme.
  3. Pass on positivity. The most amazing thing about CrossFit is community. So when you branch out and try a new box, remember that the idea is to bring people of common goals and mindsets together for functional fitness. Just because you don’t train with these people every day, doesn’t mean you can’t high five. Give a shout-out of encouragement on the runs, and don’t be bashful about yelling on a lift. The fastest means to new CrossFit friends is passing on the positivity. People appreciate a cheerleader, even from afar.
  4. Be a gracious guest. Upon completion of an on-the-road CrossFit class, be sure to thank the members and staff for having you. If you paired up with a partner, be sure they know you appreciate the push they gave you. And don’t leave the trainer hanging. If they did a great job, be sure they know! The members may have given up a little coaching to accommodate you, and the staff hopefully went above and beyond to offer you a great box experience. And for that, a simple display of gratitude goes a very long way.

Traveling can put people in a pinch when it comes to their fitness. Luckily, CrossFit affiliates offer a massive network of opportunities to stay on top of your workouts. Visiting a new CrossFit can be a fun way to get the sweat you so desire, and meet some new people in the process. It’s also a great way to learn about the city you’re staying in. Restaurants, beaches, and boutiques are all best suggested by local folks. So the next time you’re not near your home box, keep things constantly varied with a remote selection. Whether it’s a garage or a giant facility, you’ll be glad you gave it a go.

Abi Reiland
Co-Owner / Trainer, CrossFit 8035
Director, The MAT Games
Author, Pretty N' Gritty