Passion Isn’t Enough


Here’s the deal. Your unrelenting passion isn’t enough. These well wishes, best intentions, and feelings of excitement, though necessary for success, are T-ball to your Major League goals.

The CrossFit community has the passion part down. If I had a nickel every time I heard a gym owner or an athlete tell me about how “just so passionate” they are about CrossFit, I’d have my own matte black private jet made out of melted down Ohio Bars.

As they say, “Cool story, bro.”

Everyone is passionate about this stuff. If that’s your calling card, I’ve got to ask you to dig deeper. I went to elementary school with countless kids who had so much passion for basketball that they slept with a basketball at night. But that isn’t the NBA, kids. The NBA is for kids who have passion for basketball and enter a quest of work experience and due diligence with a burden that breaks kids by the hundreds of thousands each year. You don’t “like” your way to the Lakers. Plus, they’d cut your throat if you interfered with their goals.

So when you try to go all hashtag #gamesbound with it because you’re #passionate, I’ve got to remind you that that’s not how it works. The same is true about gym owners that are running a business based solely on the idea, “CrossFit changed my life.”

It’s worth mentioning that, for me, this isn’t a rant. I’m not mad, disrespected or afraid. I want us all to take this thing to mountain, and it’s not going to happen with excellence if we’re saying we’re passionate, that’s our story, and we’re stickin’ to it.

We’ve got to get to school (real or hard knocks). We’ve got to get dirty. Get in it, get strong, and ask big questions, because our common passion isn’t the end game.

Logan Gelbrich