Regionals Report


The 2013 Reebok CrossFit SoCal Regional has come and gone, and from an announcer’s standpoint, it was one of the most exciting Regionals I have had the pleasure of calling. Being on the floor, I have the advantage of getting to know the athletes and seeing firsthand how hard they push themselves. SoCal is the most competitive region when it comes to individual women. The top 10 women in the region could all easily make it to the CrossFit Games, but unfortunately only three can make the journey. Here’s my take on the top three:

CrossFit Regionals Report

Valerie Voboril (DogTown CrossFit): A full-time mother and teacher who still manages to find the time to balance that and training hard for competitions. She’s an athlete who doesn’t get a lot of attention in the community, but she should. To her fans, Val is the little engine that could. There’s nothing this real-life superhero can’t do when she sets her mind to it. She did not disappoint this past weekend, as she remained in the top three all weekend. She destroyed Event 4, which was the Tough 100s workout. Val is fast, strong and consistent, but most importantly she has such a positive attitude and beams confidence. This makes her the sleeper pick to win.

Rebecca Voigt (Valley CrossFit): Rebecca Voigt wants the gold...BAD! This weekend I saw the most determined, motivated and hungry Rebecca Voigt in quite some time. She won Event 1 right off the bat. To me, it was a punch in the mouth to the entire field. She would go on to win two other events over the course of the weekend and would only lose first place by a single point. Rebecca has a spark inside of her, and at the 2013 CrossFit Games, it will be an inferno!

Lindsey Valenzuela (DogTown CrossFit): Outlaw Open, check; OC Throwdown, check; 2013 So-Cal Regional, check. Ladies and gentlemen, THE PEOPLE’S CHAMP IS HERE! Lindsey has worked long and hard all season long to earn a spot at the 2013 CrossFit Games. After she suffered a back injury during the Open, most people counted her out, but this past weekend she showed the world that this is the year of Valenzuela. I have had the privilege of watching Lindsey train for the regionals, and she is the most driven athlete I have ever seen. Even Samantha Briggs (Europe Region winner) took a trip to California to train with Lindsey; came for intense workouts and left with an everlasting friendship. Lindsey will not stop until she wins the 2013 CrossFit Games... then I guess we’ll have to drop the “People’s” and capitalize the CHAMP!

A special mention goes to Kris Clever for finishing each workout and busting her ass to the bitter end even though you could she was in complete pain because of her shoulder injury. She is a true competitor and the epitome of the “Do Not Give Up” attitude.

—Josh Gallegos