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The 12 Days of Fitmas

I wrote about this subject one year ago and I would like to revisit it, if you’ll indulge me.

I wrote about this subject one year ago and I would like to revisit it, if you’ll indulge me. I don’t know whether it’s the year coming to an end or the celebratory spirit of the holidays, but something is always fun and exciting about the “12 Days of CrossFit” workout. No matter what your affiliate decides to do (or if they decide to do it), this is always a long and challenging workout, so be smart and be safe about it.

This is what last year’s lineup looked like (to give you an example):

“12 Days of CrossFit 2013”

  1. Clean-and-Jerk (155 pounds/103 pounds)
  2. Lateral Bar Hopping Burpees
  3. Push Presses (155 pounds/103 pounds)
  4. Toes-to-Bars
  5. WAALLLL BAAAALLLS (20 pounds/14 pounds)
  6. Split Lunges (two-count)
  7. Deadlifts (155 pounds/103 pounds)
  8. Kettlebell Snatches — four each arm (53 pounds/35 pounds)
  9. Pull-Ups
  10. Front Squats (155 pounds/103 pounds)
  11. Clapping Push-ups
  12. Ounces of Cold Beer*
    *Twelve burpees may be substituted for 12 ounces of cold beer.
Beer Mug

This was accompanied by the direction for members to do the following: “Complete this workout as if you were going through the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ song. Start with one clean-and-jerk, then do two lateral bar hopping burpees, followed again by one clean-and-jerk. Then do three push presses, two lateral bar hopping burpees, one clean-and-jerk (and so forth).”

Singing is encouraged (so is continuing to breathe, I’d focus on that part).

Now I know what you are probably thinking: Twelve ounces of beer! That’s awesome! But I would offer this advice: Make sure you are comfortable with chugging down a beer (possibly as early as 6 a.m.), then think for a second that you will have to follow it with the progression of back down through the other 11 days in order to finish. To complete this workout, you will cycle through approximately 364 movements and lifts (give or take the 12 burpees).

We borrowed the beer idea from another box that had introduced it as a fun way to mix up the 30-plus minutes of this grinder. While the perception is to “be a man” and hammer the beer, be careful in doing so. That’s a lot of weight you’ll be moving afterward, and while one beer will not make you drunk, given the amount of work your body has put in at that point, it can leave you a little lightheaded.

Since this is viewed as an event workout, and we will be hosting ours on Christmas Eve morning this year, space and equipment will become issues. With all the college kids home for winter break and most people having the day off, we have experienced two or three times the normal attendance.

If you really look at the entirety of this WOD, it’s pretty daunting. If this had a different name and was posted on a random day, like a regular Wednesday, I would guess that there would be some people who might take a pass on showing up for this one. But as they say, “’Tis the season,” and because of that, enjoy the spirit of Christmas in the air and holiday music being played instead of loud rock and hip-hop.

What does your box do for the 12 Days of CrossFit workout? Let us know in the comments.

Stay on the grind and have a happy and safe holiday season.