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The Battle for Courage

Rochelle Thayer wanted to help her friend Kevin Ogar, but she wasn’t sure how. Thayer, owner and coach of CrossFit-TNT in St. Charles, Missouri,...
Kevin Ogar

Jamie Toland with Kevin Ogar at The Games

Rochelle Thayer wanted to help her friend Kevin Ogar, but she wasn’t sure how. Thayer, owner and coach of CrossFit-TNT in St. Charles, Missouri, has known Ogar since December 2008 when Ogar needed a place to train. “[Ogar] called me up around the holidays and said he needed a place to workout. I couldn’t do it that day, but I told him to drop by the next morning and we trained together and have been friends ever since,” Thayer recalled. Like many others around the CrossFit community, Thayer saw Ogar injure himself at the OC Throwdown in January, which resulted in his paralysis. While doctors are not sure Ogar will ever regain the use of his legs or possibly be able to walk again, Ogar has not stopped his training.

CrossFit-TNT had hosted an event named the Battle for the Cup, in which teams of athletes competed in a fitness throwdown. The Battle was a very popular contest that pitted some of the top regional and local athletes against one another each winter and was used by many athletes as a warm-up for competing in the North Central Regional in Chicago. The last time it was hosted at CrossFit-TNT in 2013, one of the men who won it was none other than Kevin Ogar.

With the event on hiatus, Thayer made the decision to mix things up. Instead of a winter indoor workout, she would host a weekend-long outdoor fitness festival renamed the Battle for Courage. The proceeds will go to Kevin’s Ogar Strong Foundation, which was established in order to help Ogar and his family pay for his continuing medical expenses.

Not only is Ogar involved, but he also couldn’t be more excited that Thayer and the people of CrossFit-TNT are willing to help.

“Thayer approached me with the idea at Regionals (North Central). It’s so great. I grew up in St. Louis and to have this event with all my friends and family means so much to me,” Ogar explained. “Rochelle puts on such great events, and I know that this will be successful no matter how much money we make. I appreciate it so much.” Thayer has been able to get some very big sponsors on board to help boost this event. Reebok jumped in and donated custom Nanos and provided all the clothing for the event for the athletes and judges. Big-name athletes are involved and will be able to compete alongside local athletes to help with the fundraising efforts. Katie Hogan, Phillip Kniep, Andrea Ager, Matt Hathcock, Lindy Barber, Julie Foucher, Kyle Kasperbauer, Stacie Tovar, Blair Morrison and Libby DiBiase have signed on to help out, and they have provided star power and testimonies on the Battle for Courage site.

The Battle for Courage runs from Aug. 29 through Aug. 31, and it includes a 5K run, the Battle, which has a meet and greet with the pro athletes, along with scaled and RX team competitions.

The Battle for Courage is at 370 Lakeside Park, St. Peters, MO 63376. If you can’t make it to this event, take time to check out Ogar’s site at and donate if you’re able.

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