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The International Gym Membership


Ok, 24 Hour Fitness, I hear your nationwide membership option. When I travel, I’d be able to stop into any 24 Hour Fitness if I upgrade to the All-Club Pass Membership.

I’d like to call and raise that offer on a global scale. A CrossFit gym membership is good, not just in the good ole US of A, but internationally, as well. Take that another step further and one could argue that no membership at all is required to visit one of 4,000 affiliates worldwide. Practice CrossFit on your own? Come on in!

Though I am confident in my point, I’d better do a bit of clarification before I get myself in too much trouble. You see, technically my membership at CrossFit LA, for example, doesn’t grant me membership into any other gym but CFLA. However, the CrossFit community looks out for its own, much like a lion looks after her cubs. “Dropping in,” as it’s called, comes almost ubiquitously without a nominal charge worldwide.

As a passionate athlete and coach in the community, I don’t think this perk can be emphasized enough. What a testament that is to the unique bond shared in this community that someone can find a home away from home in every corner of the planet? Furthermore, I’d encourage all CrossFitters to make it a point to visit other boxes when traveling. Chances are you’ll learn something new, and you might even come to appreciate the little unique quirks of your own gym.

This, of course, is reflected beyond just an exercise resource to use while on the road. The recent disaster along the east coast with hurricane Sandy was a perfect display of just that. The ownership of CrossFit Hells Kitchen blasted a comforting message to all CrossFitters in the area via social media that they could use the gym for a warm shower or safe haven.

It’s important to note, however, that there are some crucial ground rules to this “worldwide membership.” This concept follows the lines of a gentlemen’s game. There are unwritten rules to follow, a code of ethics if you will:

  1. Never assume it’s free.
  2. Offer to pay a drop in.
  3. Always buy a shirt.

Following these three simple rules will be enough to keep this nearly universal tradition alive and maintain respect for all the courageous gym owners around the world. Sure, your CrossFit gym membership is only really valid at one gym. And yes, some gyms don’t allow drop-ins at all, let alone for free. But, this phenomenon, given that it isn’t abused, is a notable perk for those who dare to call themselves CrossFitters.