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The List: Side Benefits

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Think like a parent. What could you instill in your child that would have a greater impact than those lessons learned from good ol’-fashioned hard work? Think about these lessons for a moment. Like any good lesson, they don’t seem to lose their luster, do they?

A good lesson doesn’t get old. Instilling these practices can only reaffirm and improve us. I guess if we can agree on that, then we can agree that lessons like the value of hard work, for example, would also be of great value to adults, not just our children. Yes?

What I’m getting at is the glue that makes the CrossFit community stick. Greg Glassman famously spoke of the phenomenon they’d experience with new athletes. He’d ask these athletes to fill a blank piece of paper with things they’d like to see improve in their life. There was no need for these improvements to be fitness related, but they could be, of course, if they so chose.

Men and women from all walks of life would write things like:

“Be a better father.”

“Lose 30 pounds.”

“Have a better relationship with my children.”

“Get a raise.”

“Open a small business.”

Coach would ask these students to seal their lists in an envelope and forget about it. Months and months later, he’d remind the students of the envelopes and ask them to track them down and open them. To their surprise, things in their lives, fitness related or not, seemed to improve across the board.

The side benefit of an infusion of good ol’-fashioned hard work into one’s life seems to have a ripple effect through even the least fitness-related elements. And CrossFit’s ability to teach these lessons and instill these habits is changing much more than body composition. Sure, it’s not the only way to do it, but the lesson is the same.

Looking for a life upgrade? Get to work!

— Logan Gelbrich