The Open Is Coming and You Should All Be Excited

Why you should be excited for The Open.
13.3 at CrossFit CDR

Photo courtesy of the CrossFit Games

Open registration is almost here, and CrossFitters across the nation have greeted the Games season opener with anxiety, trepidation, groans, moans and an overall negativity.

Stop it.

The Open, even more so this year, is a qualifier for a very small percentage of the participants. For the other 100,000 or more of you, there is very little pressure. Just like every other day of the year, it’s an opportunity to create goals and attack them, to test yourself and compare your performance to last year, and an opportunity to expect your best performance possible. What makes this different from any other day? There is no need to inflict unnecessary pressure on yourself and destructively compare yourself to Games athletes who have made this their livelihood and job. If you expect the best from yourself every day and enjoy exercising with your friends, the Open is just another day of doing what you love.

More than individual accomplishments, however, the Open is a celebration of the global CrossFit community. Teenagers in Thailand are doing the same workouts as Masters in Spain, and they’re doing the same workouts as Jason Khalipa in California. At no point does any other sport do this. Whether you do CrossFit as a way to satisfy your competitive energy, simply to stay in shape or as a way to break down mental barriers, the Open is a celebration of the individual and collective transformations, journeys, improvements and obsessions that we’ve developed for this community and methodology. Use this time to create a wealth of positivity in the gym rather than resentment, competitiveness between members and cheating. Look at the Open for what it is — it’s allowing CrossFit Headquarters to unite us all for five weeks. The Open is coming whether you like it or not; choose to embrace it — and for goodness sake, get excited!