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This Turkey Day, Grab a Plate

It's Thanksgiving, so take time to enjoy some holiday food … all the food.
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Everyone has his or her own plans for eating and training, but here’s mine for this Thanksgiving Day: eat!

For the majority of the year, I have meal-prepped on Sundays, grilling mass quantities of chicken and bagging it up with veggies or salads. By doing this, I’ve been able to create a focused eating plan for the week, and it has helped to control my sugar intake (a major weakness in my diet). I’ve also eliminated making poor breakfast and lunch decisions by preparing everything ahead of time, putting it into easy-to-pack containers and then bringing it as my only choice for food during the day.

Normally on a Thursday, I’d either head out for lunch or bring one of these pre-made meals. With this being Thanksgiving, I just feel like you should be able to grab a plate and eat what you want. Take the day off from freaking out about your food intake and enjoy yourself. There should be no shame in this. Most affiliates will put together a solid day of training on Wednesday and Friday, so if you feel like you might have overdone it, then work it off before and after.

I’ve tried in the past to be “sensible,” but my philosophy this year is if you’re going to go, go big. I feel like this is the best approach. However, if you’re in the middle of some sort of monthlong eating challenge or trying to get your macros and fat-to-carb ratio in check before the end of the year, then, by all means, do your thing.

The best mindset is to let yourself enjoy this time with food and family. So much of the year, we are focused on controlling sugars and carbs, going gluten-free and being more Paleo or Zone conscious. Obviously, this is a better long-term way to enhance the fitness results from all your CrossFit training sessions.

I am also not advocating becoming a total glutton and eating to the point at which you either set yourself up for terrible eating habits that extend through the rest of 2015 or eating to the point of making yourself physically ill. But you shouldn’t beat yourself up over having some extra stuffing, noodles or pumpkin pie.

You don’t have to beat yourself up for eating and celebrating this day to give thanks. Live a little, then get your ass back in the gym the next day and crush some metcons and throw around some weights.

If you decide to cut loose and put your fork to work on Thanksgiving, what food are you looking forward to digging into?

Stay on the Grind.