What CrossFit Can Learn From Weightlifting

Do weightlifters have higher standards of movement than CrossFitters?

If you’re a CrossFitter deciding to spend some quality time with a weightlifting coach, you’re probably excited for all the new gains you’re about to make. Unfortunately, this may not happen that quickly. In fact, you may spend way more time fixing your technique than you thought you would before you’re able to see the fruits of your labor.

CrossFit Weightlifting

Here’s the thing about weightlifting. If you’re doing something wrong (and you probably are), part of it may be because you’re not strong enough to support the correct positions. So not only do you need to learn the correct positions and create habits out of them (which may take substantially longer than you think), but you also need to strengthen those positions so that you can maintain them with heavy weight. Until you can do that, and be patient enough to get there, you’re not going to see dramatic gains. In fact, you may not even be able to make the same lifts you were making before for a while.

Weightlifters typically have higher standards of movement than CrossFitters; a fantastic snatch in CrossFit is likely to yield a plethora of corrections in the weightlifting world. This is for good reason, and we need to learn from these weightlifting coaches who have been around the sport for way longer than CrossFitters have been snatching and clean-and-jerking for time.

CrossFitters need to learn the value of patience. Slow down. You must relax. You must trust the process. A weekend seminar will not fix your clean. A day with Dmitry Klokov will not add 20 kilos to your snatch. It is a long, frustrating process to develop your weightlifting technique.

Many CrossFitters are interested in results right now. They want the one cue that will fix their lifts. They want the 15-second Instagram video that will give them results. This can lead to technique shortcuts, injuries, imbalances and bad habits. Don’t be satisfied with just getting the bar up; take the necessary time with a coach who will help you develop your technique. Stick to the program and progress slowly, focusing on positions, strengthening your imbalances, and reaching toward perfection.

Your achievements will be that much sweeter.