New Year, New Gear

A look at new workout gear for CrossFitters

As we all get rolling along into 2015, I got the chance to try out some new gear I think you might want to take a look at in the coming year.

Nike Throws Its Shoe in the Ring

Nike is entering the CrossFit market with their new Metcon 1, and I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands (well, feet) on a pair two weeks before they release for retail on Saturday, January 31. The Nike Metcon is a great shoe, and I found it on par with other CrossFit-friendly brands such as Reebok and inov8. The Metcon balances the look and feel of a running shoe with the functionality and versatility of a CrossFit workout shoe. I still prefer Oly shoes for Olympic lifts and squats, but these Metcons have plenty of support and durability. There has been a substantial buzz in the community since the Metcons first appeared last summer on Instagram and Twitter feeds around the world, and the buzz was warranted. One of the coolest features is called “sticky rubber,” and it is simply that. Lining both the instep and outside of the lower shoe, these areas (which I have compared to the surface of a pebbly 1980s rubber basketball) are designed to aid with grip for things such as rope climbs. The Metcons are box-jump-, burpee- and double-under-friendly while still being wide on the bottom for a sturdy base and flexible enough to run in. They will be available on and select retailers.

Nike Metcon

Athletic Pants for the Ladies

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The folks at Kill Cliff have recently produced some kick-ass workout pants … for women. I know you’d all love to see me in a pair of those. However, I recruited my friend Morgan to try them out and let everyone know how awesome they are:

“I recently had the opportunity to wear the Downtowns athletic pants by Kill Cliff for training. I liked that I had more sizes to choose from than the traditional S, M and L. As with actual clothing, Kill Cliff apparel pants come in number sizes, which allows for a more specific fit per athlete. In Illinois, it gets very cold in the winter, and the Downtowns kept my legs just as warm, comfy and mobile as my compression pants, but the material was noticeably thinner and allowed for less constricted movements. I would highly recommend this product as the fit, feel and functional performance are exactly what I’m looking for.” Find them at Kill Cliff, $55.00

Getting a Grip

I have never liked any type of grip aimed at helping to hold on to the bar for pull-ups and toes-to-bar while helping to resist tearing. For me, the “grip” part actually made it more difficult to hold on and made me very uncomfortable. However, I recently tried out The Natural Grip and I was pleasantly surprised with them. Once I figured out the sizing on the company’s site (very easy if you already have a ring), the ordering process was easy. The more I used the grips, the more they really grew on me. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll probably need help with the Goat Tape needed to fasten them to each wrist, but otherwise, I would highly recommend these. The grips are versatile enough to use for Olympic lifting, handstand push-ups or even rope climbs, protecting your hands and staying in place. The Natural Grip, $17­–$22

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What are some of your favorite products? Share in the comments.

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