Weighty Matters

Sometimes packing on a few extra pounds is exactly what your workout needs.

Sure, hitting the box in a weight vest is going to be tough, but just ask a competitive CrossFitter how quickly it increases the intensity of his or her workout. That extra resistance goes a long way to increasing strength and performance. Here are a few options to choose from.


HumanX by Harbinger 20 lb Weight Vest

On this workhorse of a vest, fully adjustable shoulder straps and an extra-wide neoprene belt provide full-spectrum tensioning and a tailor-made fit, while the abrasion-resistant outer shell is sure to stand up to whatever you can dish out. You also can customize the resistance by adding or removing weight in 1-pound increments. 


Price: $120


Hyperwear 10 lb Hyper Vest Pro

This vest’s slim profile, side lacing and compression fabric allow you to achieve full range of motion while staying cool, dry and comfortable, and the thin high-density steel weights give you the boost you want for your workout. Additional weights are available to increase load. 

Find: hyperwear.com

Price: $200


MiR 20lb Women Adjustable Weighted Vest

Uniquely designed for a woman’s body, MiR’s vest features adjustable shoulder and waist straps for a customized, secure and snug fit. Changing weights in 3-pound increments up to 30 pounds total allows you to personalize this vest to suit your needs.

Find: mirweightedvest.com

Price: $110


Titin Weighted Compression Shirt

Part compression garment and part weighted shirt, Titin’s unique offering features 14 pockets that lock 8 pounds of hydrogel inserts onto your upper body while the anti-microbial, sweat-wicking compression shirt aids in recovery and keeps you dry and odor-free. Why hydrogel versus some other form of weight? Because you can heat or freeze the inserts to offer 30 to 45 minutes of muscle therapy before or after workouts. 

Find: titintech.com

Price: $250