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4 Tips for Your Trip to the CrossFit Games

The Games will be here before you know it. We help you navigate your visit to Southern California.
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If you’re making the annual pilgrimage to the CrossFit Games in Carson, California, you’ll need to plan in order to enjoy the best trip possible. Here are several tips that may help your trip be that much more memorable.

Rent a House

Use Airbnb or your favorite website to find a house to split among your party. Hotel rates are often ridiculous, and having a house can save on lodging and food with the use of a kitchen.

Location. Location. Location.

Though the StubHub Center is an excellent facility to host the Games, it’s not in the best town to experience California. Carson won’t be making any Top 10 Places to Visit lists anytime soon.

Enrich your experience by choosing a location that is strategic for commuting but would be worth the trip regardless of whether or not it was CrossFit Games weekend. Manhattan Beach would be my first choice because it’s a great place to vacation and is quite close to the venue.

Come Early or Stay Late

The buzz of the CrossFit Games isn’t contained by the venue or even the weekend. The entire CrossFit community descends on Southern California, making fitness-oriented pursuits like visiting gyms and attending seminars nearly a monthlong event.

Choose Your Adventure

Southern California is home to endless experiences. In reference to “SoCal,” people often reference one’s ability to surf and snowboard in the same day, which is true. However, that same spectrum of opportunity lies in more categories than outdoor activities.

Just north of the StubHub Center is Los Angeles, which in and of itself can provide anything you’d want to explore from food to art to the film industry. There’s a saying about Los Angeles: “Everything you’ve heard about LA is true.” Because it’s not your typical metropolitan city with a center, there’s a different world 10 minutes away at all times.

Spend a day driving the famous Pacific Coast Highway and enjoy an afternoon at Malibu Wines. Or take your party to Muscle Beach in Venice and dine at Scopa Italian Roots.

Not interested in Los Angeles? An hour and a half south of the StubHub Center is “America’s Finest City,” San Diego. Everyone loves San Diego.

Of course, these are four general ideas out of the countless decisions that make up a trip like this one. When in doubt, the CrossFit community is one of the most resourceful out there. Reach out to a local CrossFit resource (myself included) and you’re trip will be everything you want it to be.