Chris Powell on … His Favorite — and Not-So-Favorite — CrossFit Exercises

In this Web exclusive, Chris Powell, host of ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss” and self-proclaimed CrossFit fanatic, weighs in on what he likes to do in the box.


What’s your favorite WOD?

Favorite WOD for me of all time is “Cindy.” There’s something about the triplet of just pull-ups, push-ups and squats. I’m efficient at it. I can get into my breathing. I can get into my groove. Twenty minutes is a decently long time to kind of be in that zone, and once I slip into it, it almost feels like an out-of-body experience for me, and I can start my breathing prompt and I can do really well at it. And I can usually crank out a significant number of rounds and feel really good about it. On top of that, I’m hitting every muscle in the body, pushing, pulling, squatting. Of course, I like Cindy because I’m good at it. Everybody’s favorite WOD is the one that they’re good at.

Least favorite WOD?

Least favorite, I would say, gosh, anything with an overhead squat in it because I’ve got major flexibility issues with both my shoulders. My overhead squats or full snatches are pretty disastrous. But you know, that’s also the beauty of CrossFit — it shines a huge spotlight on the areas I need to improve. So without a doubt, I am going to be devoting a significant amount of my time over the next few years toward my flexibility so I can improve my performance.

What are your favorite lifts?

I love deadlifts. I love a good back squat. I love a front squat, as well. I really like my squatting movements. I love squat cleans, I love front squats and I love back squats. Those are definitely fun ones for me. As far as gymnastics moves, muscle-ups, no problem, but I think I prefer my barbell work over gymnastics work.

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