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Meet Your Match

A new website aims to help fitness freaks pair up.

If you’re single and you do CrossFit, you’ve heard it before: Oh, you work out like THAT?!?! Your dates don’t get it. They don’t understand your ripped hands, your sore glutes, those bruises you get near your collarbones from doing power cleans. They question your diet, your drive and your devotion. Unless, of course, you’re dating another CrossFitter! They always understand.

That’s why Mariana Goncalves started Meet Outside The Box. Goncalves owns CrossFit Kryptonite in Center Moriches, New York, and has been single for a little more than a year. “We’re a huge family at the box, and there is a camaraderie in the way we think,” Goncalves, 53, says. “I thought to myself, If I were ever to go out there, I’d have to date someone who is similar to me and has the same thoughts as I do, and that’s where I got the idea.”

MoTB Postcard[2]

Meet Outside the Box is an online dating site geared to fitness enthusiasts, with the über-cute tag line “Get Your Dating Life in Shape.” Instead of a WOD, the site provides you with a MOD, or a “Match of the Day.” And while it’s in its infancy, Goncalves already has more than 400 users on the site after taking a booth at several local CrossFit competitions on Long Island and the East Regional in Hartford, Connecticut.

Both of Goncalves’ children — Sarah, 27, and Alexander, 23 — do CrossFit, are single and are on the site. “I’m still browsing, but I like the idea of dating another CrossFitter because there’s already that common ground,” Sarah says. “At Regionals, one guy asked me for my username, but he hasn’t contacted me yet.”

For the moment, MOTB is free, but Goncalves anticipates a fee of $10 or $20 per month once the site gets more members. “I don’t really have a specific number goal,” Goncalves says. “I go by my matches, and right now, there are only three for me. I know I can’t charge anyone for only three matches.”

Once the numbers rise, Goncalves says MOTB will also be available as a swipe app, in the style of Tinder and Hinge, where members will swipe “Clean” for “Yes” and “Jerk” for “No.”

For now, Meet Outside the Box also can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.