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Four Podcasts You Must Listen To

Here are four CrossFit-friendly podcasts you don't want to miss.

Podcasts are all the rage, and there are a handful of people who are putting together some great content for us all to enjoy as a result. In the strength-and-conditioning world, there are a few that I think are worth your downloads. Check out the following CrossFit-friendly podcasts for your listening enjoyment.

Wodcast Podcast

Wodcast Podcast is headed up by elite intermediate CrossFit coach and athlete Armen Hammer of CrossFit 818, renowned stand-up comedian Eddie Ifft, and Scott McGee, a CrossFit veteran, SWAT team member and keeper of the peace. These three have logged nearly 200 episodes of hilarious, quality content with a guest list that includes much of the CrossFit elite, as well as notable figures with relevant brands and gyms in the community.

Don’t let the jokester attitude fool you, however. These guys turn out weekly content, and they are professionally recorded. Key segments include the “CMZ” — which is the CrossFit equivalent of gossip resource TMZ — the “QDub” or question of the week, and the “Lighting Round” in which the guest answers listeners’ questions.

These guys don’t take CrossFit too seriously, and maybe you shouldn’t, either. Grab a listen in the car ride to the gym. You might just learn something and you’ll definitely laugh.

Power Athlete Radio

As a former field athlete, I find it refreshing to hear what John Welbourn is doing to get work done in the gym to transfer to the field of play. Welbourn’s tenure in the NFL silences doubters of the Power Athlete methods, and his traveling seminar, the CrossFit Football Trainer Course, has spread his gospel around the globe.

This dream team is pioneering work that emphasizes old-school simple training to progress strength in conjunction with attention to movement that may answer big questions about what it means to be strong in the gym versus strong on the field. They’ve also compiled an impressive volume of work in the area of injury prevention.

Listen in to the crew talk about strength and conditioning for athletes and civilians alike. Oftentimes, Welbourn, Luke Summers, Cali, Tex McQuilkin, Steve Platek and Denny K will have a guest, as well. Some highlights include people like Jim Wendler, Robb Wolf and Mark Rippetoe.

There’s surely enough knowledge to go around, but if that weren’t enough, these guys have their own Spotify account to listen to their playlists and the playlist of their guests for an enhanced strength session of your own.

Barbell Shrugged Podcast

This powerhouse podcast is headed up by an all-star cast with a knack for high-quality audio and video, and deep thoughts on training and nutrition. From the beginning, Chris Moore, Mike Bledsoe, Doug Larson and CTP have buttoned up their podcast as well as any with amazing quality sound and an incredible viewing experience with each episode available on video.

Maybe I’m biased, but I really enjoy the conceptual offering that strength and conditioning provides, and these guys definitely go there. Nicknamed the “Barbell Buddha,” Moore isn’t afraid to get deep on the subject. Bledsoe and Larson are incredible coaches, as well, so the conversation provides layers as deep and diverse as you’re willing to go. The Southern hospitality and sense of humor makes these intellectual conversations as fun as any, however.

For these guys, the podcast is just the beginning. Barbell Shrugged has offerings that each stand alone as reputable products and resources from their coveted newsletter and the TechniqueWOD to Barbell Business for gym owners and trainers.

Pirate Life Podcast

This beauty is pure passion. Arguably the most interesting man in the world, Tait Fletcher records these makeshift podcasts wherever in the world he pleases. The owner of Undisputed Fitness/CrossFit Santa Fe and Caveman Coffee Co. is a potpourri of a human being. The former MMA fighter, jujitsu black belt, Hollywood actor and member of Joe Rogan’s original “Death Squad” speaks with style and grace.

Fletcher’s members include a diverse crowd of exceptional human beings from world champion powerlifter Laura Phelps Sweatt to original skate hero Mike Vallely. Surely, the content of this show rivals anything out there, but the way that Fletcher can inspire may be unmatched.