Switching Gears

RockTape athlete Marcus Filly on training, rehab, RockTape and the 2016 CrossFit Games


How did you get into CrossFit? What’s your athletic background?

In 2007, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to a CrossFit class with her. I thought she was mistaken and didn’t know what cross training was. I figured she just had her words mixed up. But the next morning, she took me to San Francisco CrossFit and I took my first CrossFit class. It was epic. Prior to that, I played college soccer at UC Berkeley.

Where did you compete for Regionals this year?

San Diego, out of the California Regional.

How did you feel about the competition?

It was my first experience at the “Super” Regional, and I had a fantastic time. I loved meeting competitors from Southern California, and I felt like the quality of the competition, from athletes to judges to volunteers, was top-notch.

What’s your favorite lift/movement? Your most hated?

I’ve learned to love the rings. I used to have a love-hate relationship with them as they were the downfall of some of my worst workouts in competition years ago. Now they have become fun: muscle-ups, back uprises and back roll to support. They are all fun and exciting. I prefer not to run long distances.

Revive Rx protein shakes! I also need my RockTape HookGrip tape. I need it bad for every workout with a barbell.

gloves to KneeCaps to tape and shinguards — I can attack workouts without worrying about hurting myself or tearing my skin off.

If you had to guess a “Dave Castro” random grenade event, what would it be?

Long ruck in the sand. Carry something very far on the beach and then have to swim in between.

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