The Case for the Regionals

The Regionals are a great way to watch the fittest athletes showcase their talents in a pre-CrossFit Games setting.


What do the Regionals mean to non-Regional athletes (aka basically all of us)? It’s a chance to watch very fit athletes showcase their talent in a pre-Games setting. I don’t know many people who watch the Regional events unfold either on their laptops or in person and realistically think that they are going to be able to compete at that level. It’s similar to watching the CrossFit Games, and that’s the point, or at least it should be.

I’ve never watched a Major League Baseball game and honestly thought, I’m going to play Major League Baseball. So following that logic, people watching the CrossFit Games Regionals shouldn’t think they are going to become Regional-level athletes just because they do CrossFit workouts five times a week.

But for those who do make it, the Regionals are arguably the most exciting part of the process. I love the fact that a little-known athlete can pop up out of nowhere and suddenly become a name in CrossFit. Even a midlevel Regional athlete can get put on the CrossFit radar with a nice finish in the Regionals or even with an event win or two.

Another thing that is more unique with the Regionals than the Games is that it is a chance for all types of companies to get their gear in front of the CrossFit community by having athletes wear their stuff while they compete. Unlike the CrossFit Games where athletes are required to wear only Reebok shoes and apparel, a Regional athlete has the freedom to wear any shirt, shorts, socks or shoes they want to. They can wear whatever belt or grip or use whatever kind of jump rope or headband they’d like to. For some of them, the gear and possible sponsorship will be huge for them, especially if they fall short of qualifying.

You really can’t go wrong with the Regional portion of the Games qualifying cycle. More athletes in more places doing more fitness really affords for a great viewing experience for all the fans.

Finally, if you have a chance to see the Regional events performed live, please get out and do so. The broadcast from the CrossFit Games is great, but like a lot of sporting events, nothing can replace seeing the athletes tackle these challenging tests of fitness up close and personal.

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