CrossFit For Women

CrossFit Moms: Unsung Heroes

CrossFit moms are strong role models for their children.

Being a CrossFit mom takes more than juggling workout time and washing mounds of dishes. Aspirational and impressionable young children look to their parents for guidance and leadership, so when the example you set involves CrossFit participation, your children will undoubtedly take something positive away. That workout gear becomes a super hero suit that can help mold the munchkins of our world.


Feminine Strength

There is a lot to be said for strong females. And I don’t just mean having the ability to lift a bunch of weight. I mean making the commitment to something that challenges you nearly every day. That’s strength. And a young mind will soak up that mentality like a sponge and begin to reenact it. Granting your daughter a strong mother-figure can offer just the slightest peace of mind when it comes to nurturing her demeanor. And I think the son of a strong female will have the tools he needs to respect women throughout his life. The strength of a female isn’t in necessarily in her lifts, but in her lifestyle.


When kids discover there’s almost always an easy way out, they’re compelled explore it. But if a mother can set a precedent that makes morality a standard, it just might stick for life. Have your kids come to watch at the gym, or let them count your sit-ups at home, or even help you make goals for yourself. Get the minis involved so they can see that what you do is beyond an attempt to perk up your butt. It’s standards and times and reps and responsibility. So many youth are great at exhibiting entitlement, but accountability is a rare gem. So get them started early, moms.


Giving up is a go-to for kids. They need to be coached through that “flight-or-fight” moment. A mom who attacks a workout head-on regularly is coaching continuously. The lifts can be hard, the WODs can be long, and the will of a woman who will not quit is without question an inspiration to all. A kid who knows their mom won’t quit, might just think they’re capable of great feats as well. Whether it’s trying out for a play in preschool, or committing to getting a doctorate degree, their CrossFit mom had a little something to do with the mold that made them.

Although CrossFit moms may not wear masks and capes, they do wear tights sometimes. And making their health a priority (body, mind, and soul) will give their children an amazing standard to aim for. So throw on your high socks, give yourself a goofy name, and let the little nuggets idolize you. You’re not a standard super hero to them — you’re better.