CrossFit For Women

How to be a Wonder Woman

When you want to be your own superhero, live by these four ideals.


Little girls might be made of sugar and spice and everything nice, but Wonder Women are made of kindness and hustle and some strong-ass muscle. When you want to be your own superhero in the story of your life, live by these few fundamental ideals. It may take time, extra effort and the willingness to work outside your comfort zone, but it’s all worth it when you’re standing tall rocking your invisible cape.

Live like a lady. There are qualities we associate with being a lady that are invaluable in and out of the gym. Gratitude is an expression too often forgotten, but it’s something that sticks with people in a serious way when they’re on the receiving end. Positivity has a karmic air about it and seems to be reciprocated when you’re willing to work on putting it out there. And the basic concepts of manners and kindness are tools that can make any experience better. So whether a woman is in the gym thanking a coach or encouraging another athlete in need or is out in the world offering kindness and goodwill, living like a lady helps a Wonder Woman excel in every way.

Lift like a boss. There’s something about lifting that can’t be replicated. It breeds empowerment and confidence. It’s a beautiful thing for a woman to discover her power and strength, and that awareness typically bleeds into other areas of her life. As goals in the gym get crushed and new weights get lifted, so do self-imposed limitations and the burden of self-doubt. Lifting can create newfound independence and potential that’s really inspiring. Suddenly, opportunities seem limitless in and out of the gym. A barbell is a Wonder Woman’s weapon of choice when battling the odds against her.

Work like a woman. The breadwinner title is most commonly associated with men, as is physical superiority (meaning strength and speed). But if a woman is willing to get her hands dirty, she might just retire both those stereotypes. In the career world, a tenacious lady who busts her ass in the office has the world at her fingertips. There’s nothing she can’t accomplish. In the gym, CrossFit puts the genders on a level playing field through weight- and movement-specific modifications. With some hard work and serious sweat, men must hustle to keep up and the leader board can be a thing of honor. Putting in time and effort in and out of the gym forges a path for success and victory.

Sleep like a baby. To be a real-life superhero, the body and mind require rest. Getting into a routine that allows you to maximize the benefits of sleep is key to creating possibility in the days to come. The physical, mental, psychological and spiritual effects of sleep are unparalleled. So while our preworkout shakes and recovery drinks and supplements are all great, the best thing for daily functioning in and out of the gym is simple: sleep. A Wonder Woman must get her beauty badass rest before she conquers the world.

Abi Reiland, CF-L1, is co-owner of and trainer at CrossFit 8035 and the director of the MAT Games and the CF Circus. Find more at her blog