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Four Simple Ways to Add Posterior Chain Work Before and After Class

For balanced strength, add these moves to your training.
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CrossFit training is notoriously anterior dominant In an effort to round out your game, here are four low-impact tools you can use to keep your body functioning without spending extra hours in the gym.

1. Banded Pull-Apart. After class grab a band, and with your shoulders back and down, keep tension on the band with straight arms parallel to the floor in front of you. Pull the band apart with straight arms until the band touches your chest. Return to the start position, keeping tension on the band. Three challenging sets of 20 reps or one “finisher” set of 100 will help improve upper-back strength and stability to compliment your training.

2. GHD Hip Extension. The competition element of CrossFit has put a lot of folks on the GHD for sit-ups, but rarely do we dedicate time facedown on the GHD to develop glutes, hamstrings and spinal erectors. Hip extensions can be weighted, too, by holding plates or even a loaded barbell.

3. Banded Good Morning. Placing one end of the band under your feet and the other around your lower neck/shoulders, hold the band like a pair of suspenders. Perform the movement by hinging at your hips and pushing your butt back. Your knees shouldn’t travel forward, and be sure to contract your glutes at the top.

4. Bent-Over Row. The bent-over row has drifted away from many CrossFitters’ routines because they’ll rarely end up in a WOD because they’re quite hard to measure. With the premium we place on pull-up volume, the bent-over row with various implements can only make for stronger and safer CrossFitters. Throw a few heavy sets of eight, 10 or 12 together before or after your next CrossFit class.

These exercises are relatively noninvasive, so you should be able to cycle them in before you leave the gym without feeling like you need to tackle your class workout any different. In addition, they could be all the difference in you staying healthier and firing your muscles better for increased performance.