A Valentine’s Love Letter to Dr. Greg Glassman and Dave Castro

How do we love CrossFit? Let us count the ways...
Valentine Love Letter

Dear Greg and Dave,

Will you be my Valentine? I’m typically a monogamist, but in my CrossFit world, I simply can’t pick. You and the beloved methods and workouts you created leave me weak in the knees … daily.

Greg. You’re the quiet leader of a revolutionary movement. You devised a means of physical activity that appeals to the masses and generates real results. Your methods have changed the way people across several generations view their fitness and health. Without you, I would still be trying to get on board with jogging … which I loathe. My strength would be nonexistent, my body image would blow and my support system would be an entire community smaller. Without CrossFit, I would not have met my husband or had my baby or opened my own box. And without CrossFit, I would lack the overwhelming satisfaction of seeing all my gym members experience their own life-changing journey with a tool you created and shared with the world. Your steadfast commitment to the sport of CrossFit and your continued involvement and directive make you an exceptional man. Muah.

Dave. You were a man in uniform. You served our country as a Navy SEAL, the elite of our military. You trekked the mountains of Afghanistan to fight for freedom. And you worked your way from an intern at a little-known fitness facility to a big dawg for CrossFit Headquarters and Games. You bear the heavy burden of directing one of the fastest-growing sporting events in the world while simultaneously growing, developing and nurturing all that is CrossFit. It’s easy for people to pick apart decisions you’ve made and events you’ve come up with, but I think it’s clear that you’re a hardworking man with good intentions. Shaking hands and posing for pictures at Regional events, remaining contained in the face of constant (and usually bullshit) scrutiny, and keeping CrossFit pretty true to its roots gets you a gold star in my book.

You are two men accustomed to criticism and flack, so during a time meant to celebrate love, I thought I’d give you a little. My heart belongs to CrossFit, and you two are the very foundation of CrossFit. Ménage a trois are not really my gig, but if you’re ever in the mood, I’d make an exception and WOD with both of you. Let me know.

All my love, gratitude and good wishes,