HighFive: An Easier Way to Drop In

Traveling and want to squeeze in a workout? This app simplifies the entire drop-in process.


I’ve written about the pitfalls of dropping in at different affiliates while you travel — it can be messy, inconsistent and inconvenient. While it’s important to still do your research, a new app has exploded onto the CrossFit scene, helping athletes get their workouts in a more efficient way.

Created by Brent Gilmore and Katie Pietrowski, HighFive is like Yelp for CrossFit drop-ins. HighFive has a whole host of registered affiliates in whatever town you’re heading to — you let them know when and where you are wanting to train, and the app allows you to see what class times are available and even lets you register and pay for a class before you get there.

“The focus is on locating a gym, booking a time through the app, and paying through the app so you don’t have to spend time on the affiliate’s website trying to get all the information,” says Gilmore, co-founder of HighFive. “Our app does it for you.”


It’s a timesaver for affiliate owners and coaches, as well. “[Owners] told us they were spending up to 45 minutes a day on these drop-in emails,” Gilmore says. “It wasn’t fun for them or for drop-ins. Now drop-ins can instantly book any time of day. [Just] under 65 percent of our drop-ins booked in the app happen after hours from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. People are busy and want to book whenever.”

In addition, HighFive charges the same price as the affiliate’s price. There is no upcharge for using the site. If you drop in to an Atlanta affiliate and they charge $10, then that’s what you pay through HighFive.

“We take a small percentage of the booking fee, but all the work is done for the affiliate owner. They get an email that the athlete is going to be at their affiliate and the payment is sent to them,” Gilmore explains.


Like any app, HighFive is looking to upgrade and improve. They stated that the No. 1 request is that the waiver be posted so that it can be signed ahead of time so that the athlete and coach don’t have to take time out of the training session to process it. Gilmore indicated that the waiver feature is their top priority along with adding the WOD so that athletes can see what workout they are heading into when they sign up with an affiliate.

I signed up for HighFive, and I was impressed with the ease and functionality of the platform. The app is free to download, and as someone who travels and trains multiple times a year, I would highly recommend adding this to your smartphone.   

Learn more about HighFive here. Download HighFive here.