My Latest CrossFit Favorites

From gear to beer, these are a few of Abi Reiland's favorite things.

A few times a year, I like to compile a list of CrossFit products I simply can’t live without. Check out my list including great gear, terrific toys and food and drinks you’ll freak out for.

Omission Beer


I’m a meat and sweet potatoes kinda girl. So from time to time, I look forward to enjoying a beer. Unfortunately, most beers don’t cater to a Paleo lifestyle so I resort to cider beers…not bad, but not the same. But recently, I discovered Omission Beer. I won’t get into the science behind it, but the name Omission came from their ability to remove the gluten from your beer without removing the taste. And they don’t mess around. Taste like not just beer, but great beer. So grab yourself a bottle of brew without the cheat.

Rogue Mobility Battlestar

I’m convinced they named it Battlestar because you see stars when you use it. If you really need to tackle those tough to roll-out spots, this is the tool you need. It requires a slightly masochistic tendency, but if you do CrossFit you probably already have that. Light up your life (and sore muscles) with a star that kicks some serious ass.


Kill Cliff Berry Legit

As if they didn’t provide enough awesomeness in the original, Berry arrived on my doorstep and gave me a whole new reason to pull swigs from that beautiful little can. Berry Legit isn’t too sweet, and doesn’t taste like it’s made from the toxic sludge like some energy and recovery drinks. My heart rate remains in normal range, and I just feel damn good when I drink it. Plus Kill Cliff now has a rad t-shirt with a lazer-eye cat. Awesome.


Plan Ahead Paleo

I enjoy cooking healthy for my family. But I hate complicated recipes and prepping for hours. I’d find myself scrolling through Pinterest and then trying to Google what certain ingredients were. Ain’t nobody got no time for that. Then I found Plan Ahead Paleo, Paleo meals created by a chef, emailed to you with complete instructions, including shopping list, and prep instructions that take under two hours. Boom. Saves me valuable hours every week and keeps my healthy eating on track. And I assure you, I can use all the help I can get.

lululemon athletica Om Pants


I love wearing shorts when I’m WODing, but when I have to make a quick transition to coaching, the grocery store or daycare I like to throw something on that’s cute but cool. I try to avoid being the mom with half my ass hanging out, so the new lululemon Om Pants are perfect. They’re light weight, a little bit baggy but chic-looking. They are also fast to throw on, and airy enough to let your caboose stop sweating. They have come out with a few killer prints too so if you’re not into black you can get crazy with color.

Rock Tape…For My Hands

I don’t tear often, but rig-heavy workouts and heavy lifting take a toll on my hands. I hate grips, and athletic tape has never cut it. About a month ago, my chiro buddy threw me some Rock Tape to put on before a workout that had a bajillion pull-ups. And it worked. It wasn’t bulky like grips, and it stayed in place. I ordered some for my hands (pink with skulls — they have some badass designs, too)…then I discovered they make special hook grip tape too to save my thumbs from looking like they went through a meat grinder.


“The Badass Body Diet” by Christmas Abbott

As a female, I find her candid approach is refreshing. I enjoy this book because although it’s a nutrition book, it combines a little science and a little entertainment to keep the reader informed and engaged. It also provides a great resource regardless of ability or body type. If a year from now you decide to approach your fitness or nutrition in a different manner you can revisit the book and still find answers. She tells me I can have peanut butter and cheese so I’m sold.


Just a few of my personal favorites. Give a few a try and see what you think. They might soon be your favorites, too.

(I’m not paid by any of these companies, if that matters.)