First Look: Reebok Nano 6.0

We got a sneak peak at Reebok’s much-anticipated Nano 6.0

The Training Grounds, the annual CrossFit Games training camp and homecoming for the likes of Katrin Davidsdottir and Spencer Hendel, was the backdrop to Reebok’s launch of the newest iteration of its CrossFit shoe, the Nano 6.0. The much-anticipated shoe will be available for purchase on July 7, 2016, but the brand’s elite sponsored athletes, as well as The Box and select media were recently given a preview at Reebok HQ in Canton, MA.

Fans of the 5.0 will be happy to know that the sole of the new Nano is unchanged; Reebok updates the base every other year, so trademarked features like the Metasplit grooves, intended to provide traction overall and flexibility in the forefoot, and the RopePro® Wrap, a layer of protection against the shoe-shredding nature of repetitive rope climbs, remain present. The 6.0’s performance as a running shoe (or lack thereof, depending on who you talk to) is also consistent. So if you’re still slipping on the 2.0s or 4.0s for WODs like Eva, Nicole and Murph, don’t toss those older models just yet.


Last year, Reebok dropped the DuraCage in favor of a more flexible and breathable upper constructed from Kevlar®-infused mesh. The 6.0 follows suit, though the shoe’s medial side is more heavily textured (it feels like sandpaper), a design adjustment intended to work in tandem with RopePro®. And if you were bothered by the 5.0’s infamously wide toe box and its tendency to bunch up during movements like double-unders, there’s good and bad news: the toe box is still (purposefully) wide, but Reebok tightened the mesh, creating a less baggy look and feel.

Reebok describes the 6.0’s overall fit as “anatomical,” “natural,” and “secure.” Most launch attendees — a mix of CrossFitters, fitness professionals and sneaker experts — found the shoe to be comfortable and immediately wearable, selling points that are likely attributable to the combination of a bigger, more cushioned tongue and a deeper heel seat. Also, the 6.0 is 1.2 ounces heavier than its predecessor and will retail for $129.99.

Lastly, Nano loyalists will notice a more simplified aesthetic. This departure from a typically brazen approach to design and branding is intentional. The 6.0 is meant to work equally well in and out of the box, a feature in line with the momentum of both the “athleisure” trend and the sport of CrossFit.