Can Compression Gear Enhance Your Workout?

Speed up recovery, prevent injury and improve performance with compression gear.

ZeroPoint was founded in 2009 with the goal to help athletes achieve their true potential by producing an elite level of high-performance products. It is among a select number of companies in the world that are designing their products with medical-grade graduated compression, meaning that the strongest compression is around the ankle or wrist and decreases gradually back to the body, increasing blood flow. Such products not only help athletes with their performance but also with recovery and injury prevention. 

What Is Medical-Grade Graduated Compression?

During exercise, it is common for legs to swell up and feel heavy. This is the result of the excess load on venous valves that carry blood to the heart. Compression products allow better blood flow to the heart. The products increase pressure in the tissue, enhancing blood and lymph circulation. The strongest compression is around the ankle, knee, wrist or biceps; the compression decreases gradually back to the body.


Benefits of Compression for Your Performance, Recovery and Sports Injuries

Compression affects the deep lymphatic system by creating external mechanical pressure. This provides a better flow in the system, so metabolic waste is removed faster as your muscles receive more oxygen. This results in better performance and a speedier recovery.

ZeroPoint Compression Benefits:

  • More oxygen in the muscles
  • Metabolic waste is removed faster
  • Supports muscles
  • Prevents swelling
  • Improves sense of movement and kinesthesia
  • More efficient metabolism helps your system regain its balance
  • Helps with muscle cramps, shinsplints, Achilles inflammation and supports ankles

ZeroPoint started working with elite athletes in multiple sports, but after seeing the success with Joone Koski, it’s made a major investment into the world of CrossFit. ZeroPoint recently partnered up with DogTown CrossFit owner Dusty Hyland along with Kristine Andali, Keston Mendoza, Jen Hauser, Tim Paulson, Courtney Walker and Sarah Loogman. Teaming up with these amazing CrossFit athletes has helped ZeroPoint see its products being put to the test at the highest level and gives it great feedback. The company’s booth at the CrossFit games will be outfitted with a rig for its athletes and other people who want to try some exercises. If you would like to see the benefits firsthand of the product, you can visit its website at or you can shop at

“What I’ve seen out of ZeroPoint compression is that it’s taken recovery a step further for us. One, it’s medical grade; two, it’s graduated, meaning it helps blood flow throughout the body; and three, it really helps with recovery.” —Dusty Hyland