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Box 101

CrossFit Milford


What are your procedures with new members to CrossFit Milford?

Someone who joins has to set up an appointment where we go through an assessment and do our own functional movement screen, checking their range of motion, checking any limiters they may have and any movement patterns that might cause pain or discomfort. We also get a good understanding of their background — who they are, where they’re coming from, any injuries. And then from there, we dictate what path they’re going to take to start, whether it’s with our On-Ramp program or a one-on-one setting. Or it could just be a few meet-and-greets before getting into a class if they’re coming from a pretty diverse background and can move real well and do lots of things. Your website says you provide your clients programs tailored to their individual needs and goals. How do you do this while still having people train together in the same classes?

We have different experiences here. Ninety percent of our membership is the normal CrossFit class setting. But we have a pretty decent number of people who do their own programming. We have a competitors group, a group of people training for strongman competitions, and then some people who are just really stressed out and need a different level of programming altogether. We’re able to provide specific programs for those few people who need a completely different path than what’s going on in the normal classes.

You’re a relatively big gym in terms of membership. What’s your strategy for maintaining an intimate feel and not letting the gym feel too much like the Walmart of boxes?

We do a lot to keep that community feel. It’s not a fly-by-night, lower-priced gym. Our membership is probably more expensive than everybody else’s in our area. So as opposed to that Walmart feel, we try to make it more like the elite country club feel. The way we maintain that communal aspect is we have lots of events and do lots of things for charity in our town. We coordinate lots of things that are going to bring people together, especially people who train at different times, so that we can have that unity feeling in here.

What do you think separates your gym from other gyms?

One thing that we focus on here is our staff and our coaches. To become a coach here, you have to go through a six- to 12-month internship process. We need to make sure that, besides a knowledge base and knowing what to say and do with members, coaches have good personalities and are able to adapt to different clientele. So it’s a pretty big process to becoming a coach, and because we set that up from day one, the coaches and staff that we have really vibe well with the environment and what we’re trying to create.

Box Stats

Location: 49 Research Dr., Unit B, Milford, CT 06460

Number of members: 500

Number of trainers: 13 (plus additional staff of specialists)

Years in Operation: 5

Facility Size: 6,300 square feet

Membership Fees:Unlimited for $155, $165 or $185 per month, depending on length of commitment (12-month, six-month or three-month, respectively)