Inside The Box

Four Gym Maintenance Secrets

Try these tips to keep your gym equipment working like new.

As it turns out, all your new Rogue gear won’t stay new forever. Maintenance is key to keeping your equipment working for years to come.


Here are some little known maintenance tips for longer-lasting gear: 

  1. Barbells can be taken apart. And they should. CrossFit gyms are infamous for having some gritty character. Dirt and grime gets inside the collars of the bar and affects its rotation. A quick YouTube search can have your barbell moving toward a cleaner, more lubricated future.
  2. The storage clip for the erg’s handle is a trap. You know that little cup that the handle can set in so you don’t have to reach all the way to the cage for the handle while rowing? It’s convenient during usage, but habitually storing the handle there puts unnecessary harmful tension on the chain and can ultimately affect the longevity of the machine. Store the handle completely against the cage.
  3. Store jump ropes smarter. Especially if you use the plastic composite-style rope for your members, storing them on a single nail or hook will crease them over time and normal usage will break them at this weak point. Store them over a larger, rounded edge or across two nails to relieve stress.
  4. Medicine balls aren’t slam balls. It sounds silly, but the best way to make your medicine balls last forever is to also buy slam balls. In fact, Dynamax voids the warranty if the ball has ever been slammed. Slam balls are those rubber medicine balls that look like miniature versions of the rubber D-Balls used in the CrossFit Games as Atlas stones.

The big take away here? The newness of your gear will go away, but it’s up to you how well your equipment ages.